Myce.wiki was formerly known as CDFreaks.com and is founded in 1997 by Jan-Willem Aldershoff who left the site in 2008 to return in 2012. In 2010 the site was rebranded by former owners to Myce as an answer to the diminishing use of CD’s.

Myce is a community that enables anyone – visitors, volunteers, enthusiasts or professionals – to connect, interact, share knowledge and discuss their passion for digital storage products. Myce strives to provide highly useful, contextual information about the products you own as well as those on your wish list. It’s a community created to help guarantee you get the most out of the products you already own, and a place to discover your next “must have” device.

Myce has loads of things to offer you so be sure to browse around! Read the latest news, get advice on product purchases, compare prices or ask questions. We are here to help, however we also invite and encourage you to contribute to the community.

Myce has over 3.5 million unique monthly visitors and over 450,000 members, and we’re proud to keep you updated on the latest news, reviews, products and interesting discussions.

Myce is unique because members share unbiased news and knowledge around the topics that are the most interesting to them. We have a large global group of fantastic volunteers working together to ensure Myce is an enjoyable community for everyone.

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