10 Cartoon Theories That Will Shock You

People discuss almost every topic, from sports to education, TV shows, life, and now – cartoons. If you thought it was only kids who enjoyed watching these exciting shows, then you are mistaken. There are hundreds of cartoons that have had adults talking for years. You remember those cartoons you used to watch as a child, and perhaps you now think they don’t make sense? Well, that is what we are talking about here.

Most people have conspiracy theories about different cartoons, which has changed people’s thinking in so many ways. If you are still confused about all these theories, all information can be obtained from the internet today. 

You might find some disturbing, ridiculous, funny, and some might even make you think twice about this whole cartoon world. Here are some of the 10 cartoon theories that you may have never expected. They will leave you shocked; read along to find out.

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Courage The Cowardly Dog

This was a favorite to most people back in the 90s because of its creepy and scary episodes that have not changed even today. One person on Reddit came up with a theory about this whole thing, where the video mentions that Courage has to defend his family that lives in the middle of nowhere and has to protect them from all forces.

It is possible that Courage thinks he lives in the middle of nowhere, yet it’s not entirely true since nobody ever takes him out for walks. The two owners are always acting as if things are totally normal, and perhaps they don’t see what the dog sees. It’s no wonder that Courage is the only one who freaks out while the owners appear not bothered at all.

Hey Arnold! – Main Character and Existential Crisis

In this carton, some believe that Arnold’s friends are just a figment of his imagination. This could explain why Arnold is always bullied at home just because of the shape of his head, and instead, he resorts to imagining people with the same head shape and calls them his friends, so he feels good about himself and thinks about it for a moment. 

Also, Arnold is not the main character. The main character is Helga, who is the only character that gives a monologue towards the end of every episode.

Dexter’s Laboratory – Vivid Imagination

If you never liked this cartoon as a child, then you must have been a unique child. The interesting theory about this cartoon is that Dexter has Asperger’s syndrome. 

Upon analyzing Dexter’s character, he is awkward even when he socializes with friends, he also has OCD, and his accent is also unique from the rest. All these are signs of someone with Asperger’s syndrome.

Garfield Hallucination

Garfield is one character who takes everything for granted. He often sees hallucinations of dead people, specifically Jon and Odie, and this comes about because he is always hungry and lonely. This didn’t just start the other day. It goes way back in 1989 when Garfield wakes, and the house is up for sale with Odie and Jon nowhere to be seen. 

Also, Garifield goes into denial since he doesn’t like being alone, and he is often seen hallucinating over Jon and Odie coming back so that he doesn’t stay alone.

Scooby-Doo Post Depression and Drugged Reality

If you ever thought Scooby-Doo was just an ordinary cartoon, then you got it wrong. Yes, you read that right, and this is because the show was a drug-induced reality. Did you know that Shaggy was just a school drop-out who smoked lots of weed and that Scooby, the dog, also thinks he can talk and yet he can’t since he is too high?

Did you ever notice why Scooby and Shaggy took Scooby’s snacks every time they became too confident? Yes, you guessed right, the snacks were also drugged. Also, every time the van leaves, we see smoke, meaning that the whole gang was involved. 

After all, Fred was the leader. Something else you might not have noticed is the fact that this whole thing takes place during a severe economic depression. No wonder the houses look horrible and respected people such as professors have to turn to crime instead.

The Magic School Bus and Captain Planet

In the mid-1990’s, The Magic School Bus was such a great show that had incredible life lessons for young kids. At about the same time, there was another show called Captain Planet, which was about a group of young adults working with a green superhero to protect the earth against whoever was trying to destroy it. 

Well, it wasn’t a coincidence that both shows moreover focused on the same thing happening during the same time. Yes, characters in The Magic School Bus are the same as those in Captain Planet. Think about how both characters are the same race in both seasons. At first, we see Miss Frizzle kidnapping several children and also brainwashing them, taking them to live on an island. 

It is from here that they develop a love for the earth at such an early age, and whenever they want to save it, she always gives them power rigs to empower them to do so. Well, of course, not all kids were brainwashed.

SpongeBob SquarePants Drugs and Nuclear Testing

Well, this theory makes sense if you consider how the whole show has been set. There is something not adding up about all these animals living underwater, working, and doing things like rational human beings. Something is amiss here. 

Perhaps you might argue that it’s because SpongeBob is made of twenty-three different nuclear devices that blow off all at the same time. Also, has it ever crossed your mind that the main character is under some sort of influence? Maybe drugs or something. Some fans believe that SpongeBob is on meth. 

If that were the case, it would be no wonder he is seen with sudden mood swings; for instance, sometimes he is super happy, and the next minute he is sorrowful. On the other hand, Squidward is believed to be on heroin because he is always down and out. Patrick, too, is on marijuana since most of the day, he is seen doing nothing and just eating, and the list goes on.

The PowerPuff Girls – Perversion

In the beginning, we see Professor Utonium having ingredients, and he wants to make the perfect small girls; however, have you ever imagined why he had the ingredients? 

Whoever has watched this cartoon will agree with the fact that Professor was unlucky with girls, which makes this whole theory correct. Since Professor was unlucky and he also had needs, he decided to create a little something for himself.

Professor thought to himself that perhaps creating a real woman and staying with her would be more suspicious, and that is why he resorted to creating little girls and thought he could just say they were dropped on his front door. 

He decided to pick them, though, and remember they were later given superpowers. This even leaves questions as to why someone would think of creating small girls in the first place. Imagine how hard it would be to raise girls with superpowers – not one, not two, but three.

The Smurfs Are Racist, Misogynist Fascists

There could never be a cartoon as perfect as this one without any surprising theories behind it. The Smurfs represent the Nazis; this was according to an argument by one French sociologist. From these smurfs wearing all white hoods apart from papa Smurf, she happens to be the only female in the whole village and meets the famous Aryan ideal beauty due to her beautiful blonde hair.

We also see the Smurfs getting sick in their first comic strip, The Black Smurfs. How do we know they are sick? They all turn black and then start behaving like mad people, losing their intelligence, and they only say one word – “gnap”. Some believe this is a racist implication.

Something else happens, too. Looking at their chant, “All for Smurf and Smurf for all” and seeing how their salute looks like something we are all familiar with, one can start to draw the parallels. Most believe this can’t be just a coincidence.

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The Rugrats – Everybody’s Dead

This is one innocent cartoon that has lots of disturbing theories. One theory states that Angelina is trying to imagine whatever is going on in the show, and the rest of the characters are non-existent or dead. This assumes that Chuckie died way back in 1986, and his mother is explaining why Chaz is always neurotic and anxious.

Also, some believe that the DeVilles terminated their child in 1990; that is why we see twins in the show – because she did not show whether her child would have been a girl or boy. 

Another belief is that in 1990, Tommy was born dead, which is why Stu is often seen going downstairs to make toys for a child who never exists. Lastly, think about why it’s only Angelica who can talk with both adults and also babies. If you add all these pieces together, you will understand exactly what we are talking about.

Bottom Line

Well, here are some strange cartoon theories that I bet you didn’t know about. Yes, some of us watched and still watch these cartoons innocently, but we have never quite answered some questions that are still lingering in our minds. To learn more about cartoons, click here.