App to Track Time Spent on Social Media

Wondering how much time you spend on social media? While the apparent boom of these platforms brought forth tons of perks to their users, it’s undeniable that the popularity of social media sites also carries a few setbacks. One among which is how these platforms impact how a person spends their day-to-day life.

In fact, in a report from Broadband Search, the average time spent on social networking sites is at 144 minutes per day. That’s equal to two hours and twenty-four minutes. According to WHO, this means that the average person is likely to spend 3,462,390 minutes of their life on social media. 

From this, it’s not surprising that mobile apps geared towards helping users track their time spent on social media are on the rise. If you’re one among those who want to limit their time spend on such platforms, turning to these apps will help you achieve that purpose. Here are a few apps you might want to check out.

Top Apps for Checking your Time Spent on Social Media


Developed to help users be mindful of their time spent on social networking sites, Moment works by letting users set up their own daily screen time. The app then sends notifications when they exceed that limit. 

Specifically, the app comes with its own in-built Screen Time Management & Measurement feature, which automatically measures the time a user spends on their phone, monitors which apps they use the most, and records how many times they picks up their phone on a daily basis. 

On top of that, parents can also take advantage of the app to limit their children from spending too much time on their smartphones using the app’s Parental Control & Family Time feature. To date, the Moment app is currently available in the Google Play and Apple Store for free.

AppDetox – App Blocker for Digital Detox

Another popular app geared at helping users reduce their screen time, AppDetox works by letting smartphone users lock their apps with the AppDetox app locker to spend less time on their devices. In case the user gave in to temptation and breached the lock, they will automatically get a series of reminders. On top of that, the app also lets individuals keep track of every violation, enabling them to monitor their progress.

To make it even more effective, the app uses the Device Administrator permission. This means that users can uninstall it in case they’ve decided to ditch their digital detox and turn back to their old ways.

AppDetox can be downloaded from Google Play for free.


Of course, limiting the time you spend on social media isn’t easy. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself aching to click on your favorite app and scroll through your feeds. The Forest app understands this very well. That’s why it incorporates a fun way to encourage you to stick to your objective.

Using the said app, users will begin by planting a virtual seed. As time goes by, the seed will grow gradually. However, whenever you pick up your phone and leave the app, the tree will be left to die. The longer you stay away from your phone, and remain on the app, the more rewards you can get and the more tree species you can unlock.

Forest is currently available through both Google Play and the Apple Store for $2.99.

The Bottom Line

From the moment we open our eyes to the seconds left before we bid our good nights, there is no denying that social media platforms serve as the very first, and last, things we check out and monitor. If you want to ditch your unhealthy screen time habit and stay focused on your day-to-day tasks, downloading a mobile app that will let you measure your time spent on social media can serve as your first step to achieving that goal.

Which among these apps impressed you the most? 

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