Learn How to Get Coins in Mini World Today

Mini World is a sandbox online free-to-play 3D game about exploration, creativity, and adventure. The game is based on destroying and creating, and it does not follow any restrictions or levels.

The built-in multiplayer settings are easy to play as they allow connectivity from Cell Phones and PC at any time in any place. 

You can have fun on the farm of your fantasy or create cities, castles, apartments, houses. You can create almost anything just by using your imagination. Join your friends in challenging dungeons online.

Mini World

The game is accessible to anyone as it is free of charge. The game features over 100 in-game elements and hundreds of blocks available, enabling you to be as expressive as you can be by creating and destroying with the use of these blocks.

Game Features

The Dream Squad: The easy-to-use, built-in multiplayer setting allows you to invite your friends to join you in your creative endeavors.

Creativity: Following the concept of placing and removing blocks, you will be able to express your creativity on a whole new level using the hundreds of elements and blocks which are available within the game.

Gallery: There are many mini-games in Mini World, such as FPS, puzzles, parkour, strategy games, and even role-playing games. You are also able to create your own personalized games using the in-game editor.

What are Mini World Block Art Coins for?

Exclusive resources can be purchased within the game using this virtual currency. These coins provide you with some of the following benefits.

  • Complete freedom of in-game experimentation
  • The ability to purchase objects and people
  • Ability to buy any number of items
  • They enable you to improve your World as you please.

What are the beans in Mini World Block Art?

The main currency within the game consists of beans. This currency is needed to advance throughout the game accurately. Beans give you the possibility of expanding all of the options within Mini World Block Art, as well as allowing you to unlock new elements.

These beans can provide you with some of the following benefits.

  • They enable you to gain more experience points.
  • Gaining points by unlocking characters and mounts (dinosaurs, unicorns and more)
  • They can help you ripen fruits in your garden, which will provide you with important rewards.
  • They help you purchase cosmetic items for the field.

How do You get Coins and Beans in Mini World Block Art?

The most important resources in the game consist of beans and coins. These two will give you a variety of benefits. The easiest ways of obtaining these are as following.

  • Inviting your Facebook friends to join you
  • You are rewarded if you play daily
  • The platform Gums Up can provide you with beans and coins for free.

Free Resource Generator for Mini World Block Art

There are many resource generators throughout the internet, which can help you get resources. One of the recommended resource generators is TrukoCash.com, as it is a reliable and useful resource generator that will be able to generate beans and coins for Mini World Block Art with no issue.

As Mini World Block Art is an online game that features a storage system from which a wide variety of items, mounts, characters, and costumes can be purchased.

In-game items can be purchased with Gold or Mini Beans, most items being purchased using Gold. There are few items available for purchase using Mini Beans. However, Mini Beans can be earned much easier than Gold, as they can be earned for free from certain events or even gift boxes. Even your friends can help you obtain Mini Beans.


Mini World is a very creative online game that provides you with infinite creative possibilities as players manage to create fun and beautiful 3D worlds and provide you with a vast universe ready for you to explore. 

Mini World is currently available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows and will give you many hours of uninterrupted fun.

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