Best App to Download Audio and Video From YouTube for Free

Because the YouTube app can’t be used without the internet, the best way to keep listening to music or watch your favorite videos is to download them from the internet.

Nowadays, the websites from which you can download music or videos are more and more insecure, so it is necessary to find an app that could give you the safety you need. 

In the following lines, we will present you with an app that will help you to download music and videos in a very safe way: aTube Catcher.

Features of App

aTube Catcher is the best app that you can use when you want to download music or videos from YouTube safely. This app is available only for Windows.

The app allows you to convert the files that you downloaded into different formats. It also helps you to save the downloaded file in the format that is supported by your computer. 

The app has a screen recorder too, which you can use in order to capture video from your screen; a great use for this feature might be to capture live streaming that you want to keep for future reference. 

Another benefit of this app is the fact that it includes an automatic updater that will allow you to use the most recent and secure version of the app. This ensures that you have immediate access to the highest protection and benefit from added features all the time. 

The app also retains the best possible quality for all of your videos, and these can be watched on different devices, not only your PC. 

Furthermore, if you want a small-sized video to play, for instance, on your phone without taking all of your memory, aTube catcher can help you achieve this. 

The best highlight of this app is perhaps its user interface. If you are looking for a neat look and easy-to-use options, aTube Catcher ticks all the boxes. 

It comes with a simple menu that is easy to understand, so you can download audio and video in no time. 

However, when you download the app, make sure not to install other browser toolbars unless you want to. The option is not selected by default, so you can control the possible installation of a browsing tool. 

Who is it Suited To?

aTube Catcher is an app suitable for anyone who wants to download music and videos from YouTube for free. 

Even if we are living in the technology era, we do not have internet access all the time. So this app is wonderful for anyone who travels a lot and needs to stay connected to their favorite music or videos.


You will be very happy to find out that you can install this app for free

In this case, you will have not just a music and video downloader, but also a DVD burner and a screen recorder for free. 


  • You can download the app for free
  • The app allows you to convert the files into different formats
  • It is safe for your computer
  • You can also record the screen
  • It is able to burn DVDs and process batches


  • Extra software included in the installing window
  • It is available only for Windows

How To Download and Use It

You can download the app from the aTube Catcher official website for free. During the installation of the app, it will appear as a window that requires you to install different browser toolbars, but you can avoid this by unchecking the box.

It is very easy to use and intuitive. All that you have to do is to introduce the URL in the app, select the output format, and then to click on download.

If your link contains a playlist, the app will ask you if you want to download multiple items, so it’s also great for batch processing.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a safe app that helps you to download music and videos from YouTube, you should try aTube Catcher. 

It will offer you a lot of good features, and it will also allow you to record videos, edit them, or convert the files into different formats, and you can also burn DVDs. You should definitely give this app a chance!