How to Virtually Travel the World from the Comfort of Your Home: Best Apps

Traveling is something that everyone wants to do, at least once in a while. And more so, taking a trip across the world is now a common dream that everyone has. So, how about making that dream a reality today?

You can make the dream of traveling the world a reality — virtually. There are apps that can help you see the world. So, why not look into the apps as they make you have the same experience as visiting the place in person.


To know more about these apps and how they operate, you should read on. Info on the number of apps that you can use to enjoy this experience can also be found here. You then get to find out if the apps are free or if they require payment.

Sygic Travel

The first app that you want to take a look at is Sygic, which is available on your Android phone and it is free to download it. And since it’s a travel VR program, you need to have a headset to enjoy the experience it offers you. It can work with any virtual reality headset around, but if you have Google Cardboard that is best.

What this app offers you that the others on the list won’t necessarily offer you is the clarity of the interface design. It has the new 3D UI. You also get to watch whether you are online or offline.


The other part that is great about this app is that you get to save your favorite places to visit. You can also choose to download the areas that you find interesting and visit them later on when you’re offline. Both of these options can be found in the menu option of the app.


This is the app that you need to have if you want to travel the world virtually. Why the app is referred to as a work of art is mainly because you get to visit some of the most prestigious museums in the world

As with the previous app, you need to have a headset in order to to visit these places virtually. This augmented reality app is suitable for both iOS and Android phone users and is free on both platforms.


Some of the landmark museums that you can visit with this app are Laguna Art Museum of Contemporary Photography, The San Donato Museum, and Reina Sofia Museum, among others. You se view world famous art and get a better look into your favorite times in history with this app.


One of the pioneer apps that can help you travel the world virtually is Guideo. What makes this app stand out from the others that you can find in the market is that your position will appear on the map.

You’ll literary be there on the map and can locate where want to go to from there. And, so that you don’t ‘get lost’ on your way to a certain destination, you have a clear route of the places you should go. You have to select the place you want to go to, however.

The app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices and you can begin using it as soon as you download it. You need to, however, remain online for the entire experience as it doesn’t have any offline capabilities at this moment.  There are no mythical creatures or such characters in the experience, so it is all a real experience.


To travel the world, you don’t have to make the trip in person if you don’t have the money or are unable to, as is the case today. There are a number of apps that can help you get the experience and it will feel real when you are on the trip. These are just some of the apps that you can use to enjoy the best experience when you choose virtual travel.  

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