Learn How to Be a DJ with the Help of This App

With the rise of electronic dance music in the past couple of years, being a DJ has never been hotter. DJs have one of the most preferred, loved, and sought after music professions today. Over these past years, being a DJ with a computer has been an industry standard.

To be precise, a DJ’s job is to play music that the crowd will like in order to make them dance. While doing this, the artist aims to make a continuous mix by matching the beats per minute of two tracks, and other many and major tricks to make one track flow into the other. 


Being a true DJ can be very expensive as you will have to invest a lot of time to learn it and money to get a load of equipment. But today, we bring you a DJ mobile application called “Djay – DJ App & AI Mixer” that allows you to augment the setup. Read on to learn more about it.

Learn How to Be a DJ with the Help of This App

About Djay – DJ App & AI Mixer

Djay is the digital music mixing software program created by the German app developer Algoriddim. With Djay, you can transform your smartphone into a fully-featured DJ system. Users can seamlessly integrate with your music library and mix them to make the listeners groove to it. 


The app developer, Algoriddim is one of the longest-established companies making DJ apps and has become a pioneer name in doing the job with perfection. 

This application basically allows the playback and mixing of digital audio files with a user interface that stimulates the concept of “two turntables and a microphone” on a computer. 

Features of the App

The application houses a lot of influential features that make it a standout option in the market of DJ applications. A few of these features are pointed out and described below. The first and foremost standout feature is its size and portability. 


The compact size is a highly attractive prospect, particularly for traveling DJs. Laptops might be getting smaller and lighter, but it is very hard for laptops to beat the portability that we get from our smartphones. 

In addition, touch-screen and other inclusive smart technologies provide a familiar and intuitive user experience. Its acclaimed user interface has won multiple Apple Design Awards for excellence in design and ease of use. 

The new and updated Djay app will offer the users a classic turntable, a complete mixer setup, an immersive automix view. Additionally, users can also enjoy the all-new 2-deck pro mode with high-resolution waveforms and the library side-by-side. 

Automix AI

Other key features of Djay include Automix AI, which lets you listen to an automatic DJ mix with stunning transitions. The Automix AI intelligently identifies rhythmic patterns to keep the music flowing and danceable. 

Also, the app houses several remix tools, like loopers, sequencers, 3-band equalizers, that provide users with the necessary tools to seamlessly blend one song into another. 

Availability and the Pro Version

Learn How to Be a DJ with the Help of This App

The best part about Algoriddim’s Djay app is that it is available for almost all types of devices, from Android smartphones to iOS devices (both iPad and iPhones). The base version of the application is available for free download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play store

Users can either use the free version or upgrade to Djay Pro AI, which gives you access to Neutral Mix, accompanied by the library of several tools including the loops, sounds, and visuals with the in-app purchase. 

The pro version runs on a subscription base, for which users will have to spend $4.99 per month. Now, talking about a few cons of the app is its storage limitations for the iOS devices. 

Unlike Android devices, iOS devices may lack adequate storage for hosting large audio files, as they do not support the expansion of storage using SD cards. Also, the streaming quality and capabilities entirely rely on a stable Wi-Fi connection for an uninterrupted performance. 

The Bottom Line

Djay is a great music app for people who are just getting started with being a DJ. 

It can come as great support and teacher for those who want to play with more powerful features and audio effects – some of which are available only after in-app purchases. 

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