Use the NYTimes Cooking App To Get Dinner Inspiration

One of the best ways to spend your time at home is to try out new recipes. Cooking is a rewarding activity that can be done alone or with family members and friends.

There are many apps that are available for cooking enthusiasts, but our personal favorite is the NYTimes Cooking App.

If you are unfamiliar with how good it is, we suggest you read on and find out about all the great features!

Features Of the App

As a digital platform/cooking service, NYTimes has gathered millions of fans in a very short time period. What we love about it is that you can run it on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or any Android device.

The most developed feature that this app offers is the ability to browse. Thus, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds for you to find just the recipe you are looking for. 

You can filter more than 19,000+ different suggestions by selecting the meal type (lunch, breakfast, appetizer), as well as the type of food (fish, meat, vegan).

The design of this app is superb, which means that it can be easily used even by someone with no prior experience. 

The main thing that we love about NYTimes Cooking is the step-by-step recipe instructions that are followed by beautiful photography. Thus, for any home cook that enjoys spending time in the kitchen, using this app can be very inspirational.

As we mentioned earlier, there are many cooking apps, but most of them don’t feature the ability to keep your own notes. This is extremely beneficial for someone who wants to write down tips or important instructions and have them all in one place. 

On top of that, the interface also offers the ability for you to sort out your favorite recipes and create collections that will be saved within the app.

Additionally, you can explore the collections that were created by editors, as well as professional cooks who put out most of the recipes. Also, you are not exclusively directed to just NYTimes recipes, as you can add recipes from other online sites using this app. 

Who It’s Suited To

In our opinion, everyone should install the NYTimes Cooking App. It is good for anyone, given its user-friendly interface and the fact that every now and then you might want to get creative and prepare something new. 

NYTimes Cooking is hard to beat, as there are over 19,000+ recipes, including almost any appetizer, breakfast, lunch, and dinner option that you can think of. 

Cost Of NYTimes Cooking App

There is nothing complicated when it comes to the pricing regime of this app. If you decide to go for a monthly subscription, you will be paying $4.99. On the other hand, NYTimes Cooking offers a somewhat more affordable annual plan that is set at $39.99.

Keep in mind that you will get to enjoy a 28-day free trial before you are charged anything, which is more than enough time to determine whether it is a worthy investment or not.


We are quite confident that you will not be going wrong by installing and subscribing to NYTimes Cooking. This is true for a couple of reasons.

  • Affordable pricing regime
  • Comes with a user-friendly interface
  • More than 19,000+ different recipes with step-by-step instructions and photos
  • Ability to create your own collections 
  • Ability to write down notes


However, we do have a single issue with this app (coming with the newest update).

  • Duplicate categories are not that easy to sort out/erase

How To Download and Use It

The installation process for this app is incredibly simple. You should find it at Google Play or on the App Store and download it for free. 

Once you have done that, sign up for an account and decide which subscription plan you will be going for. Remember, there is a 28-day free trial. 


At the end of the day, NYTimes Cooking is an app that can be of great use, especially if you enjoy a stay-at-home lifestyle. Thus, if you are interested in improving your game in the kitchen, subscribing to this app is the right choice!

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