PUBG Mobile: Learn Patents and How to Improve

Everyone is currently talking about battle royale games, and there are two that have taken mobile devices by storm. 

First, we have the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Call of Duty: Mobile. Both offer their battle royale brands to on-going gamers, which is becoming increasingly popular today.


Here are some top tips to help you get up to speed quickly to get you gaming at your best in the PUBG Mobile game.

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How to Get Started

Prepare Your Phone 

PUBG Mobile is a demanding game, and you need to have your phone at its best performance level. Remove anything from phone storage that you don't need, quit all the other apps you may have running in the background, and clear up some space to make room for the game.

Prepare Your Network

There isn't too much you can do here, but you need a good connection to the PUBG servers for a lag-free experience. The mobile system often has variable speed, so it's Wi-Fi all the way through. Use anything like Speedtest (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) to test your network speed, and stop attempting to play while someone else is streaming 4K video.


Connect Your Headphones 

PUBG Mobile has excellent audio, and the speakers on your phone often don't do it justice. Link your headphones for a more immersive experience. This also helps you locate the enemy approaching.

Learning About Patents and How to Improve in the Game

Gameplay elements of a technical nature can be patentable. There are plenty of examples of this in the games industry; for example, Konami's patent for an arrow shows where your player is when they're off-screen in PES. 

The difficulty is that a registry must apply for and grant patents on a country-by-country basis, which is a relatively expensive and slow process compared to copyrighting, which automatically arises when creating a qualifying work.


There are two other issues: patents protect innovations that are innovative and require creative phase (i.e. they are not evident), and they do not protect concepts or developments. As such, the innovation must be capable of industrial application.

It's also important to know that there is a rating feature with different tiers in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, and there are eight patents, from Bronze to Conqueror. Nearly all ranks have 5 sub-levels. You need to move up among the tiers to improve.

Essential Tips You Need to Know

It is possible to rank up in every season according to the matches played. Your life, eliminations, and the game modes in which you reach your rank account factor into this. Upper lets you get pretty cool withdrawals, like different skins and more.

Remember that playing in classic mode is endangered; if the game is going well, you get points. If you go wrong, you lose points and may even regress with some misfortune. Try minimizing point losses by following specific basic tips, as shown below.

  • Try doing away with players. For most of the game, many gamers play passively, going up in the final rounds only. This is a proper technique, but it's not going to help you climb a lot.
  • In some instances, cure yourself. You get extra points to get your energy back. Some players use the radiation zone to safely lose some health and regain it using bandages and painkillers.

How to Improve Skills in PUBG Battle Royale

A PUBG game can last for as long as half an hour, or, if things go horribly wrong, it can be over in a couple of seconds. One surefire way to exit early is by misjudging your initial landing spot, which is why it is first on our list of tips and tricks for PUBG mobile.

As a general rule of thumb, in the game map on which you are playing, you want to reach for the best loot spots, while also avoiding as many other players as possible. 

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Many places frequently spawn the best arms and armor, such as the military base, power plant, or the various big towns on the original Erangel map. Still, they bear in mind that there will also be other experienced players. When playing PUBG mobile, keep in mind this information about patents, and try out these tips to get started improving in the game!

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