Spotify Premium Student Headspace - Get Headspace Meditation Included Free

As a student, sometimes you just need downtime, and the Spotify Premium Student Headspace can help you get it. It helps you get it with simple meditation you can get into wherever you are. Stress is deadly, so you've got to have tools that help you relax.

This Spotify app helps you get into the right headspace no matter the kind of challenge you may be facing. Spotify has even gone further to provide you with a student version. And their regular subscription is free so you don't need to worry about money.

Once you've gone through their regular version, you can update to a premium paid version if you want, but it's not necessary. We've looked into all the app has to offer and have the details up next for you to review.

Spotify Premium Student Headspace - Get Headspace Meditation Included Free

What Is Spotify HeadSpace?

The need to get into the right headspace has never been as clear as it is today. That’s why you have options like Spotify to help you get just that as it is what you need. Spotify provides meditation services to students with this app.

How To Use HeadSpace

The app is quite easy to use. Just pick an area of your life that you may be struggling with and get the lessons that are worked out to help you. It may range from relationships, sleep, and even anxiety, whatever it is, you can find it there.

The lessons you get from the app usually take just a couple of minutes and you can listen to it from anywhere you are at. The calm background of the voice-guided meditation will help you focus on the message that is being relayed there.

The meditation process is so that you can have a positive mindset towards the challenges that you may be facing. After and when you’re doing your meditation, you start to feel healthier, more self-aware, and happier. And you feel confident about who you are.

Premium Student Headspace

As the selling point goes, show your mind some love with Headspace, that’s what you get with the Premium Student Headspace. Now, with this version the first thing you have in terms of benefits is the playlist—this is your playlist, of course.

You can get to listen to all your favorite artists and songs play without ads. Plus, you can listen to them even when you’re offline. And you can listen to the meditation and the music on your playlist wherever you are.

There’s a catch though, you have to pay £4.99 a month to get access to the regular student version of Headspace. The fee is relatively cheap considering what it costs to go to a meditation teacher or buy meditation books.

To get started, either way, you can use this link here.

Spotify Premium Student Headspace - Get Headspace Meditation Included Free

Headspace Premium & Student

To differentiate the two has been a struggle that a number of people who have tried to access the service have faced. To access the student version, you have to pay £4.99.

That amount allows you access to both the apps with minimum fuss and all the mediation material that you need. After your student subscription ends, however, to have access to the regular version and premium version and you will pay £14.99 a month.


Your mind needs to be in the right space, and Headspace from Spotify can help. You have access to meditation material that you can use to address any problems you are facing. The ultimate goal is to help you be calm and feel good about yourself. 

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