App to Analyze your Wi-Fi – Which One To Use?

Every modern home filled with technology and smart features must have a wireless router for your internet connection. Nearly every house has one, but with so many technologies, the Wi-Fi spectrum can get jammed rather easily. 

The vast majority of these wireless routers work using a 2.4 GHz wave frequency in transmitting data, which is divided into channels, similar to a highway. In the US, this 2.4 GHz band is split into 11 channels. Most of these channels overlap other radio bands channels. But the 1st, 6th, and 11th band are the safest regarding this issue since they do not overlap. 


Theoretically, having these 11 channels is enough even if you live in a populated area such as big cities or other urban scenarios. But the reality is that many users modify the settings set as default in their routers, resulting in routers transmitting on the same channel. To solve this problem, you can use a Wi-Fi app to test and see the Wi-Fi speed in your home. 

Benefits of an App to Analyze your Wi-Fi

A good Wi-Fi analyzer is undoubtedly a very valuable tool when it comes to diagnosing and optimizing a wireless network. Using one improves the internet speed considerably and also the reliability of your Wi-Fi network overall. The market is filled with such software, but what are the benefits of using one?


The Wi-Fi signal is a major issue since you rely on it to get internet access both at home and in your office. A signal leakage can lead to individuals outside your building, breaking into the network, and you could end up in a disastrous situation. Using a Wi-Fi analyzer app, you can tune the wireless router. Thus the signal stays between your walls and also keeps unauthorized people out of your network. 

A slow connection means lower transfer speeds for your data and longer loading times. This can be caused by using your Wi-Fi router on a busy channel. This happens because most of the users prefer to leave the router’s default settings. This ultimately leads to slower speeds, especially in crowded areas such as a big apartment or building.

To increase the Wi-Fi speed, you need a Wi-Fi analyzer and identify less used channels for your network. After the analyzer checks for the best channels. All you have to do is change the channel in your router’s configuration page and see Wi-Fi speed increase significantly. 


Using a Wi-Fi analyzer app can help you visualize the wireless network in your home or office building, helping you place your wireless router correctly so the signal can be reached by everyone everywhere. Some software even lets you make a small sketch of your home and show you the dead zones and give you coverage tips and other useful information. 

Fees and Rates

With a quick and easy search, you can find an analyze the Wi-Fi app. With prices ranging from free memberships up to $500 packages, you will be set. Depending on your needs, a free plan can do the trick. But for a bigger building or even an office building in a crowded urban scenario, you need to look towards more professional analyzers. Why? You need more data points and other benefits. 

How to Apply

To apply for a Wi-Fi analyzer app, go to your favorite software and check their website for fees and rates. It is up to you to choose the one you find will fit your needs best and provide better Wi-Fi speed in your home. 

One option for you to use is the Netspot App, and you can apply using this link and obtain a quote for your company or household. If you do not represent a business and want the free edition, it can be found here, and with just a click of a button, the download will start. 

Contact information

Netspot offers support for its customers in multiple ways. For frequently asked questions, you can check their Help page here and find pretty much any situation you may encounter while using the software along with an answer. 

Another way of contacting the support team is via their forums here. For more urgent matters, they can be reached by calling +1 (240) 363-9434. Their business address is 8 The Green, Suite #5858, Dover, DE 19901 for mails and other related issues, or via e-mail at

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