Mazda 3 – How to Order this Car

After the Mazda 3 and Mazda 3 Sport premiered at the auto show in Los Angeles that took place in November 2018, the Mazda became pretty famous. In addition, their Canadian debut took place in Montreal in 2019.  

The auto show took place in front of the automotive media in Canada and had a starting price of $18,000 for the all-new Mazda. This also ushered in a new era of the Mazda models that are defined by many advanced features.  

The vehicle’s architecture has been designed based on human-centric needs. In addition, it has the latest Skyactiv engine that is able to allow intuitive control of the car when you are driving it at very high speeds.  

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Mazda 3 Overview

It is actually rare for a car to have excellent reviews and be transcend a segment that has been dominated by other models in the market. Nonetheless, the 2019 Mazda 3 Sedan and its Hatchback counterpart did just that. It is a well-balanced and near-luxury model whose interior is state-of-the-art.

The model has been able to compete against its most popular competitors: the Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic, the Audi A3, and the Mercedes-Benz A-class.

The Design

The new Mazda3 automobile has adopted a Kodo design language that is the embodiment and essence of the Japanese traditional aesthetics. While its overall form has a simple and single subtle motion, the undulations bring in the designs to life.

In the design of the sedan and hatchback versions of the Mazda3, the team of developers decided to take on a new and fresh look at the values and personalities. They then worked on maximizing the unique appeal for each.

The Hatchback actually has a seductive new look that comes with a lasting visual appeal. This is able to evoke a clear sense of excitement while driving it. It is clean, sleek, and has a sophisticated beauty that brings about a level of refinement and maturity that is unmatched.

The resulting design showcases two different personalities that are distinct and makes you think they are completely different models.

Which Levels and Features are Available?

The Mazda 3 sport and the Mazda 3 are available in three different trim levels. The GS, GX, and the GT. The GX starts at $18,000 and customers are treated to plenty of the standard features, plus a few extra ones that are not on the original models.

One of the features you will not find in the original ones is the digital center display that has a 7-inch LCD screen, an 8.8 inch connect screen that is complete with an HMI commander, and an 8-speaker sound system.

Additionally, there is Apple Car Play and Android Auto that both have excellent connectivity, not to mention the advanced LED tail and headlights.  

How to Order One

To order this car, you can visit the company website. After logging in, you should then choose the car you wish to buy. All of the available models and their prices are listed on the site. They will then give you a list of the available dealers, where you can choose the best time for a test drive.

You can also book the dates on the website and then provide your personal details and the best options to contact you.

The Engine of this Car

The 2019 Mazda 3 has a 2.5-liter engine that can either be a six-speed automatic or manual transmission car. The front-wheel driver is standard, but what is unique is the all-wheel drive that can be used with the four-wheel drive.  

In the future, the company plans to debut the Skyactiv-X-Four that will be a four-cylinder engine car. This will employ the compression-ignition system which is a fuel-saving technology.  

The Mazda3 Sedan comes with a 7.2-second auto transmission speed to 60mph, while the hatchback model does it in 4.0 seconds. This car brings back the fun of driving out in nature.

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For Canadians, buying this car can be done easily through the process we have outlined for you above. If you have been thinking of changing the car you currently have, then the Mazda 3 should definitely be on your radar.