Just days ago Nintendo reiterated plans to bring the popular instant streaming service Netflix to its new handheld, the 3DS. The company vaguely stated it would happen "later this summer." Turns out that what it really meant was "later this week."
The kiosk rental service is an extremely competitive market that has seen Redbox rise to the top, with Blockbuster and several other competitors working their way into the market.
A newly declassified document released by the United States Central Command indicates the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) asked military officers to crack down on soldiers purchasing pirated goods in Iraq.
Many children are growing up with cell phones, laptops and tablets - the technological innovations of the past decade thrust into their tiny hands. It's no longer unimaginable for kids to log onto a computer and instantly stream their favorite shows either. Netflix is addressing this phenomenon with a newly-minted Just For Kids option.
Electronics retailer Best Buy plans to increase the push for Blu-ray adoption this holiday shopping season, as retailers and manufacturers finally believe late 2009 and early 2010 will be a shining moment for the high definition format.
It's been a hectic last few weeks at pay-TV company Dish. Following its $320 million April acquisition of ailing Blockbuster, the company jockeyed for extra time to decide just what to do with remaining store leases held by the former rental leader, opting to shutter around 1,100 locations. And though no official plans have been announced, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said he believes Dish and Blockbuster will eventually enter the online streaming video space full-bore. Today, the company announced two major events that pave the way for that move.
If you are looking for a Netflix streaming box and don’t have a lot of money to spend then you might just be in luck. Roku is adding another box to their lineup of affordable video streaming devices. The Roku LT will debut in early November and will only cost $50.
As the movie industry shows a greater trust in streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) services, a movie theater operator group has publicly targeted VOD services.
Technology entrepreneurs rallied against the PROTECT IP act this week, calling it vague and a likely innovation killer. Over 100 executives signed a letter asking Congress to vote down the bill should it hit the floor. The Motion Picture Association of America swiftly criticized the move, suggesting that the signatories "should read the PROTECT IP Act before attacking it."
Remember five years ago, when Blockbuster proudly announced "The End of Late Fees?" Those happy days are over.
Over the past two weeks Netflix has tweaked its website's user interface and removed community features - all in the interest of improvement, executives said. The feedback at the company's official blog, however, has largely been critical despite claims from the streaming movie giant's upper management that focus testing showed people approved of the changes. Another announcement slipped under the radar this weekend: the removal of Open API-powered DVD features.
In case you somehow didn't notice, online movie rental and video streaming services are in. Netflix enjoys a massive user base, mainstream recognition and, as of yesterday, stands poised to enter the original programming arena with its upcoming series, "House of Cards." Fandor is a new player intent on making its mark in the online streaming movie business by coupling independent films with Facebook. Amazon started its own streaming video program for paying Prime members last month with a sizable offering out of the gate. And now, one more company just got in on the action with a strange plan.
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Lawyer Katherine B. Forrest was recently recommended by NY senator Chuck Schumer as a potential new federal judge within the state's Southern District Court, which covers cases in Manhattan, White Plains and Middletown. A 20-year veteran in the field, Forrest handled IP law for a private firm before being appointed (.pdf) Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice's Antitrust Division. However, some worry her past as a litigator representing the RIAA against recently dismantled music sharing site Limewire may color future rulings if her nomination is approved.
Redbox, the number one DVD rental kiosk service in the United States, is mulling over additional service options ranging from digital video distribution to expanding its DVD catalog.
This week marks a new, innovative approach to the fight against digital piracy, as New York City has clearly spoken on the behalf of the 700,000 New York artists that work in the creative fields with the Create the Next Spot contest.