Warner Bros., Universal Pictures and Sony could soon score a powerful new ally for their nascent digital distribution platform UltraViolet. According to insider talk, Wal-Mart will pledge support to the electronic sell-through and disc-to-digital service next week.
Sonic Solutions has announced that it has partnered with kiosk company MOD Systems to help bring digital movie distribution to kiosks, offering a better multi-system platform for content distribution.
A report published in the Wall Street Journal indicates Apple plans to create a new monthly subscription portion of iTunes dedicated to TV content, with CBS and Disney already interested in providing shows for the new service.
Sony announced that it will introduce a new online service that offers access to movies, video games, e-books and other content content when the new site launches early next year.
Netflix will hold new DVD releases from Sony for 28 days before offering them for rent in movie kiosks across the United States. Sony previously forced Redbox into a similar agreement in July 2009, but each company has reached customized distribution agreements on individual bases.
Disney has evolved since its early entertainment days, eschewing a focus on celluloid-based animated films for a more full-featured commercial offering, including TV shows, straight-to-DVD sequels and even video games. Considering the distance traveled by the company in its efforts to adapt and grow with a metamorphosing market, doubling down on increasingly popular digital content seems an obvious move. And that's just what the company has planned, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger.
RealDVD isn't the only DVD copying software that was just crushed by the courts.
Would you pay a small fee to turn your average HDTV into a smart TV? Always Innovating hopes so. The San Francisco company showed off its HDMI Dongle, which adds Android 4.0 support to non-connected televisions, at this week's Mobile Web Congress in Barcelona, Spain.
Blockbuster will introduce a DVD rental kiosk in two New England states.
Five nations have been singled out by U.S. lawmakers who say the specified countries have showed little effort to stifle widespread piracy.
Tablet technology has come a long way in a short time. A new report exploring how consumers actually use their tablets found that the device is slowly but surely becoming a one-stop shop for movie and TV viewers.
The 3D TV craze may not be spreading as quickly as content providers and hardware manufacturers would like, but according to a new report the global consumption of similarly high-brow web-connected TVs have not been met with buyer apathy. And surprisingly, it's not the U.S. leading the charge into the realm of internet couch surfing.
Blockbuster is still struggling to regain its past glory. After receiving a new lease on life via Dish Network's $320 million buyout of the bankrupt company in April, the former movie rental leader now faces the same foes that helped it limp into Chapter 11 court last year - namely, Netflix and Redbox. A new promotion aims to bring back lapsed customers with the promise of free rentals and lower prices. But is it enough?
The problem with being a movie enthusiast and upgrading to Blu-ray is that you're stuck with an entire library of DVDs, but Warner Home Video is now offering incentives to help boost your Blu-ray catalog.
Microsoft launched its brand new Xbox 360 dashboard late Tuesday night after a last-minute delay, adding Kinect voice search, cable TV support and enhanced social networking options to an already impressive suite of online features. The goal, said the company, is jump-starting "the future of TV" with a video game console. Neither Nintendo's Wii nor Sony's PlayStation 3 has come this close.
Surprising no one, Sony announced at its CES press conference that the new PS Vita portable gaming system will feature full access to Netflix's roster of instant streaming movies and TV shows.