Its HD-DVD format obliterated by the competition, Toshiba announced in a solemn press release that it has applied to join the Blu-ray Disc Association.
In a show of industry distain for cheap movie rentals, Fox has ordered wholesalers to wait 30 days before supplying DVDs to Redbox rental kiosks.
Things are set to hot up for Japanese PS3 owners
Warner Home Video is suing a firm that's supposed to destroy its old DVDs and Blu-ray discs, because the firm was allegedly selling them instead.
Sony's Blu-ray format is taking a pounding in China at the hands of the homegrown China Blue High Definition disc format.
Three men connected with The Pirate Bay must stop all traffic between themselves and the service in 10 days, or they'll face heavy court-imposed fines.
Disney Japan plans to package select DVD movies with a copy on a microSD card, but it'll cost extra.
Sonic plans to sell USB movie sticks, connected to its online service, in the fourth quarter.
Sonic Solutions announced plans to offer 3D movie download by year-end as part of their Roxio CinemaNow service. Of course you will need special glasses to enjoy 3D, plus you will have to hook-up a PC to carry the extra computing muscle.
Redbox and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment agreed on a distribution deal in which Sony DVDs will be available through Redbox rental kiosks found in grocery stores and shopping malls.