The Boy Scouts of America are probably best known for instilling a sense of good citizenship and ethics in the nation’s youth for the past 100 years. In an effort to tackle the issues that kids face in today’s world, Scouting magazine recently ran a story for scoutmasters on how to address the issues of copyright infringement with their troops.
A recent study conducted by the NPD group and NARM found that streaming music services like Spotify and Rdio were discouraging users from purchasing music. In response to that study STHoldings pulled the music of almost all of its artists from all streaming services.
Starting next month, music fans never pay more than $10 for a CD published by Universal Music Group.
A UK court sided on Monday with Sony Music, EMI and several other major record companies in a case against six major Internet service providers which could push The Pirate Bay further onto the fringes of the Internet. The London High Court's Justice Arnold stated that he believes the infamous Swedish torrent site actively engages in wide-scale copyright infringement.
British web denizens who frequent infamous usenet indexer Newzbin2 are in for a surprise. Per a court ruling handed down this summer, local Internet service provider British Telecom has blocked the site from customers' computers ahead of schedule.
A person well known with the online music business kicked off the week by announcing a new on-demand music service designed for Apple iPhone and Google Android smartphone owners.
A legal case between Baidu, the No. 1 search engine in China, and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is now over, with the search engine winning out over the multi-million dollar lawsuit.
Two weeks ago, MasterCard felt the wrath of Anonymous Operation Payback-style DDoS attacks after refusing to process payments that were intended to fund WikiLeaks, the website which began leaking confidential US diplomatic cables last month. Now, the company is preparing to head down another controversial path by pledging to deny transactions which support websites that host pirated movies, music, games, or other copyrighted content.
With PROTECT IP on hold, the Motion Picture Association of America has thrown its support behind Congressman Lamar Smith's new Stop Online Piracy Act. The organization and its affiliates asked respected intellectual property and First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams to read through the bill and discern if it was constitutionally sound.
With the strict copyright protection mandates that many national governments are currently working to enact, you would think there would be widespread support of these acts by the artists themselves. After all, the artists are the ones that these antipiracy measures are created for.
iPhone users will no longer need an Internet connection to listen to Rhapsody's catalog of 8 million songs.
Four US music studios must face an antitrust lawsuit filed against them after the Supreme Court ruled it wanted the case to move forward as planned. Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music, and the EMI Group hoped an appeal would toss out the lawsuit focused on Pressplay and MusicNet -- but the case will continue in 2011.
The administrator of an invite-only music sharing site was found not guilty in a U.K. court, striking a blow to the music industry that sought his punishment.
Now that Apple is cashing in on the multi-billion dollar music industry with its iTunes store, popular peer-to-peer program Kazaa announced to re-launch as a subscription-based music service.
Currently being sued for the second time by Hollywood industry publication Variety, they fought back in a way most wouldn't expect from a band that writes songs about mullets and "Planet of the Apes": by going to court. A task made a little easier when there's a lawyer in the band.
The Recording Industry Association of America alienated thousands of people by launching individual an attack against John Doe file sharing lawsuits against accused file sharers. The group's campaign was lost upon many PC users, and the effort was criticized, but the RIAA soldiered on with the lawsuits.