Western Digital has announced it will take legal measures in case of the sale of the NAND memory division of Toshiba. The company has filed a Request for Arbitration with an international arbitration court. Western Digital has an interest in the sale of the NAND division of Toshiba as they are in a joint venture together called Flash Vision.
British hospitals have become the victim of a large scale cyber attack. Hospitals around the country were hit by a ransomware attack, The Guardian writes. Several hospitals had to divert emergency patients. GP surgeries reportedly had to shut down phone and computer systems while emergency departments have told people to stay away unless it is a real emergency.
Users of Avast antivirus software complain on the company's forums that they are no longer able to visit websites and can't update Windows. The issue appears to be caused by a buffy update of the antivirus software.
Windows 10 currently runs on 500 million devices worldwide, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced during its keynote of the Build 2017 conference. Eight months ago the software giant counted 400 million devices.
A potential keylogger has been found by security researchers in many Hewlett Packard laptops.  The Swiss security firm modzero found the vulnerability in April and have released details to the public today. The keylogger was found within the pre-installed Conexant...
During May's Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has patched 46 vulnerabilities, including 3 zero-days in Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer that were actively attacked before the patches were available.
Through an undocumented API of WhatsApp it's possible to collect phone numbers, status updates and profile pictures of nearly all WhatsApp users. The issue was discovered by security researcher Loran Kloeze, who describes how a database can created with all kinds of data about WhatsApp users.
The vulnerability in Windows, that was revealed by two Google Zero Project members yesterday, has been patched by Microsoft. The vulnerability resided in the Microsoft's Malware Protection Engine.
DVDFab today released a new version of its Media Player that will support playback and navigation of 4K / Ultra HD Blu-ray folders. This means the recently released pirated Ultra HD Blu-ray version of the Smurfs 2 can be played back using the software. The Chinese company stresses that it won't break its promise of not cracking AACS 2.0.
Two Google security researchers have found a very critical leak in Windows that allows attackers to remotely execute code on the affected system. The vulnerability was discovered by Natalie Silvanovich and Tavis Ormandy from Google's Project Zero, a team of hackers that tries to find vulnerabilities in widely used software in order to protect internet users.
Hackers have been able to steal money from bank accounts by intercepting text messages (SMS) used for two-factor authentication. The hacks happened in January this year according to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.
Last week, nearly 1 million Gmail users have been targeted in a phishing scam. Cybercriminals sent emails that appeared to come from Google and that claimed that someone wanted to share a Google Docs document with the recipient.
The Ultra HD Blu-ray version of the movie the Smurfs 2 has appeared on two private torrent trackers. It's unclear how the pirates have been able to make the 53.3 GB file that appears to really contain the movie.
The Gmail Android app will warn users when have opened a potential phishing website. The feature is rolled out gradually, according to Google it can take several days before it become available for everyone.
To add new features faster to the Edge browser, Microsoft plans to update it through the Windows Store. Currently Edge is updated during each Patch Tuesday and with large updates such as the recent Creators Update. Neowin reports that Microsoft...
The new Windows 10 S doesn't allow users to choose another default browser or search engine. Users have to use Microsoft's Edge browser and the company's Bing search engine, according to a FAQ on the Microsoft website.