The developers of DVDRanger claim to have lost a lawsuit from Sony and have announced a new solution to bypass the Cinavia protection.
A research paper from the European Commission states that music piracy has hardly any negative impact on the revenues of legal digital music.  The paper was released by the European Institute for Prospective Technological Studies and the data on...
The Piratebay is currently down accross the globe.
MPAA now targets mobile phone apps as well
The author of DVDRanger, who claimed to have broken the Cinavia protection has decided to back up his claim by posting videos to demonstrate that it works.
The IFPI reports that in countries where the Piratebay is blocked there are more people using paid music sites.
Today is the first day that the six strikes program is set to begin in the United States.  Five of the major ISP's in the US have agreed to warn customers who are accused of using P2P technology to...
The HTML standard might get support for copy protection.
The founder of Cydia, Jay Freeman, has announced that 4 million unique users have installed Cydia using the Evasi0n jailbreak.
It seems the Piratebay is suffering from network outage again.
A search engine for the recently launched Mega appeared. The search engine has an index of files stored on Mega and gives access to large amounts of mainly pirated content. Mega has discovered the search engine and is actively deleting the files. In order for files to appear in the index, users need to manually add their files.
The Caribbean nation of Antigua has had a long, drawn out battle with the US government regarding internet gambling.  Ten years ago, there were thriving online gambling sites hosted in Antigua, but the US government instituted a "blockade" of...
Mega, the new cloud hosting service of Kim Dotcom (found of MegaUpload), doesn't seem to be as secure as thought...
Mega encrypts files that are uploaded. That should make it hard for movie studios to shut it down, but it can also be abused by others. Click to read more...
Mega, the new cloud service from MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom will give users 50 Gigabytes of free storage.
In the US, the head of moviez release group "Imagine Group" was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the distribution of films that he and his four mates recorded in cinemas.