On behalf of TorrentFreak, the Bittorrent monitoring company scaneye found out that also those companies are guilty of copyright infringement, who claim that they are suffering most from other people copying their content
Porn producer Golden Eye (International) Limited vows to widen piracy blitz
Top 10 most pirated TV shows of 2012
The Department for Business Innovation & Skills has released a measure intended to "create greater freedom to use copyright works".    Base on the Hargreaves Review, released in May of 2011, the new provisions allow for individuals to make copies...
Newsgroup indexing site Spotplanet has announced that it will cease all activities on January 3rd 2013 due to legal threats...
Redbox, a game and movie rental company in the United States is suffering from fraud with their discs.
At the moment worlds most popular torrent site the Piratebay is down and gives a connection refused error. What is going on?
One of the most popular newsgroup indexing sites, Nzbmatrix, has shut down
Windows 8 pirates looking for a way to generate valid serial numbers, beware!
If you have to guess what kind of companies would ask Google to remove their content from search engines because they contain piracy related information, then you would probably know the answer straight away.
Finnish anti-piracy group CIAPC seizes child's laptop
BPI targets Pirate Bay proxy website hosted in the UK
Dutch media report that Paypal has frozen the accounts of five Dutch usenet resellers today because they violated Paypal's terms.
The Center for Copyright Information (CCI) reveals details of controversial 'six strikes' anti-piracy measures
US ISPs team up with MPAA & RIAA to tackle piracy.
The German Federal Court of Justice has ruled that the parents of a 13 year old boy are not responsible for his filesharing activities.