Three men connected with The Pirate Bay must stop all traffic between themselves and the service in 10 days, or they'll face heavy court-imposed fines.
Lawmakers now hope to take aim at peer-to-peer file sharing software programs, noting a growing number of privacy breaches using LimeWire and other notable software programs.
A handful of major movie studios have filed a lawsuit in an effort to officially shut down The Pirate Bay, claiming its members are still committing copyright infringement by downloading copyrighted films.
A trial between the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and just the second person to go to trial after receiving a John Doe lawsuit for sharing copyrighted music tracks has started in Boston, Massachusetts.
For years many downloaded movies and games for free, but most recently Pirate Bay announced ideas of becoming a pay site. Rumors say it might not work though. What do you think?
Now that Apple is cashing in on the multi-billion dollar music industry with its iTunes store, popular peer-to-peer program Kazaa announced to re-launch as a subscription-based music service.
Digital Rights Management (DRM) is fading away, and now also the RIAA appears to understand this. "DRM is dead, isn't it?" said Jonathan Lamy of the Recording Industry Association of America.
A newly hired executive at The Pirate Bay announced plans that users will pay a monthly fee to access the soon-to-be legitimate site.