Information on the new Windows 8 OEM activation that is covered by an Non Disclosure Agreement (DNA) has been leaked to the internet.
RealNetworks and Viacom have mutually agreed to spin off the online Rhapsody music platform into its own independent company brand.
An anti-virus update from Kaspersky has crippled thousands of PCs
With Windows 8 RTM now on TechNet, some users may be tempted to purchase a TechNet Subscription to get hold of it before the public release. However, Microsoft has made changes to its TechNet agreement in that TechNet subscribers may only use software and benefits during their 12-month subscription and that keys may no longer activate once the subscription lapses.
The Court of Justice of the EU ruled against Oracle in their attempt to stop resale of their software by the German firm UsedSoft.  The court said that a company loses its exclusive right to distribution of software upon...
Malware posing as an antivirus scanning utility is nothing new, but they usually take the guise of an unknown brand rather than one of the best known. Now, scammers have begun combining tactics and using the trusted Microsoft name to convince unsuspecting users to install their malicious code and give out personal information.
The opensource video player VLC is not allowed to playback Blu-ray discs in France.
Sony plans to bring the Opera web browser to select Bravia HDTVs, IPTVs and standalone Blu-ray players later this year, which gives the Japanese manufacturer a more reliable software partner.
Malware masquerading as legitimate anti-virus software is bad enough. But according to Microsoft, unwitting consumers are being targeted by some new and fairly convincing facsimiles of the company's own anti-virus and security programs.
Internet porn is something that parents around the world try to keep their children away from. Typically, they have had to implement software content filters on their home computers to block offensive content, but British Culture Minister Ed Vaizey thinks that this kind of filtering should be done at the ISP level to take the burden off of the parents. But at least one British ISP doesn’t think its feasible task to accomplish, and would set a dangerous precedent for government internet control.
Vonage recently rolled out an unlimited international calling plan that allows Apple iPhone and RIM BlackBerry phone owners to make calls while outside of the country.
China's decision to block web content it deems inappropriate or harmful has come under renewed U.S. scrutiny this week. According to Reuters, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu shirked off criticism that American sites were being treated unfairly. Instead, she framed the country's stance as fair and helpful to citizens.
A new tool from Stardock allows you to run Metro applications directly from your desktop and in a Window...
Activision Blizzard proudly announced $3 billion in sales of its Call of Duty video game series over the past six years, with its most recent video game also setting sales records.
In an effort to comply with increasing pressure from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to uphold consumers’ privacy as they browse the web, Mozilla has incorporated a “Do Not Track” feature into their newly released Firefox 4 Beta browser.
With the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) threatening to promote DNS blacklisting and the US government going on recent domain seizing sprees, some internet users are trying to create new ways to combat these government actions.