So, one day, as a Gartner analyst you post on the blog of your employer that Windows 8 is "bad" from the perspective of a desktop user, the next day you retract this statement. That would never happen, right?...
Happy New Year from everyone at MyCE! A brand new year will bring in brand new technology and consumer electronics products. So what will the technology gods bring us in 2010? Here are a few predictions from us.
Since the United States Department of Commerce announced the creation of a National Program Office (NPO) last week, to be responsible for coordinating activities related to the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), questions have been swirling in the media as to how the system will work and be used.
Shoppers will snatch up consumer electronics in droves this holiday season, but the small increase won't exactly shatter records. Market researcher IHS has dashed its high hopes of a 6.4 percent growth in CE revenue, adjusting its expectations to a much more modest 1.5 percent growth. A poor economy and lackluster TV sales were cited as key factors for the group's revised forecast.
There has been lots of talk revolving around Ubisoft and their inconsistent Digital Rights Management (DRM) choices. One of those choices, namely requiring players to be online to play certain games, is coming around to bite them now that they are forced to do server migration.
If you are wondering how much of the laptop or tablet with Windows 8 you might purchase goes to Microsoft, then we've got news for you. Digitimes reports that Taiwanese OEMs have revealed some of the licensing fees which...
Mozilla released Firefox 7 this week, and wasted no time touting its improvements. According to the company, behind-the-scenes tweaks to its latest web browser will help developers craft quick-loading, HTML5-based content. Users should experience overall speedier web browsing thanks to a drastic reduction in memory usage. has posted an interview with Julie Larson-Green, head of the Windows product development team at Microsoft.
Nintendo's novel new glasses-free 3D portable the 3DS boasts quite a few features besides the obvious: Augmented Reality (AR) games, Wi-Fi multiplayer, a 3D camera and the newly-released eShop, which houses classics culled from the company's past as well as new downloadable titles and movie trailers. One feature that's been lacking - at least in comparison to past Nintendo handhelds - is the ability to fly off shelves.
Microsoft is revamping its Hotmail service with new features, including clean-up tools, a revamped flagging system, custom categories and a one-click unsubscribe button.
During the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C. earlier in the week, Google announced that its Maps service now offers bike information in 150 areas.
Microsoft Windows 8, which may be released in late 2012, will be a 128-bit OS.
The controversial PROTECT IP bill languished on Capitol Hill, but a new proposal could take up its cause. HR 3261, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, will "promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property" and allow the U.S. Attorney General to go after foreign sites engaging in copyright infringement.
nalist Gunnar Berger of Gartner has been looking at Windows 8 and while trying to form his opinion he came to the conclusion that it depended from which perspective he looked at it...
While Microsoft is spending half a billion to promote Windows 8, others have tried to find reasons on why to start using Microsoft's latest operating system. Michael Muchmore from PCPro has tested Windows 8 against Windows 7 on speed and Windows 8 beats Windows 7 in all his tests. But is it really faster?
Something went seriously wrong with an anti-virus update from McAfee, and now corporate computers around the world running Windows XP have shut down.