Keep Up with Your Kid’s Schoolwork with Next Learning Platform

Next Learning Platform is a fast and secure, school management cloud-based application developed by Next Education India. From getting updates for parents to labeling attendance for teachers to fostering easy management for schools, there is something for everyone here. 

Besides making daily work more straightforward, this software also helps to minimize school paperwork. We all know that it is all too easy for children to lose important papers or forget messages they were supposed to deliver from school. 

Thankfully, this app takes all of those problems away. To learn more about Next Learning Platform, continue reading this card. We will tell you everything you need to know about this handy tool.

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Why Should you Start using the Mobile Next Learning Platform?

Parents can view fees, information about their students, attendance, and leave reports. The parents can also request leaves, and thus the school is kept aware of any planned absences.

Teachers and staff can display their personal information while administering the attendance and reports of the students. They can use roll call mode or mark attendance mode to explicitly mark the presence of the students. They can also view their vacation balance, apply for leave, and approve/reject leaves.

Next Learning Platform During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

The Government has instituted a 21-day lockout across India with the outbreak of COVID-19. With school closures, suspended academic operations, and inadequacy of the internet for conducting online classes, the education industry has come to an unparalleled halt.

India’s leading provider of education solutions, Next Education India, has progressed through the ‘Next Learning Network’ to help schools move from offline to online learning operations. Next Learning aims to make academic operations and the K–12 learning environment more interactive, innovative and engaging by providing its integrated learning platform, Next Learning Platform. 

This includes NextERP, NextLMS including live lectures, NextAssessments, home content access, and the leading vernacular and different language content of state boards. Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO, and co-founder, Next Education said, “Through Next Learning Platform, our goal is to allow schools to step in the right direction so that their academic operations are not disrupted by the outbreak of COVID-19.”

The ‘school-in-a-box’ platform enables schools to operate a virtual school through various resources such as NextERP, NextLMS, live lectures, online classes, and more. It is all the more important for educational institutions in the country to follow online learning platforms, focusing on ensuring continuous academic operations. 

The live lecture feature replicates the actual classroom setting, instilling excitement and interest among the students regularly studying and attending classes.

It is essential for educational institutions to implement online learning solutions, focusing on providing continuous learning and smooth academic operations. The teachers create a virtual classroom through the internet via live lectures to promote long-distance Learning.

Next Learning is a powerful tool that allows teachers to create evaluations using the automatic assessment generator, assign adaptive tests, and provide students with personalized feedback.  The award-winning web content is compatible with the services for NextCurriculum and TeachNext. The digital content is available in seven languages through ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, and 29 state boards.

Schools across India have embraced the Next Learning Platform to ensure their students and educators are secure amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide a smooth transition from offline to online instructional operations.

How to Use Next Learning Platform for Your Kids 

Next Learning Platform, with the brand new feature of live streaming, is a unique application for school management solutions that seamlessly integrate a school’s academic and administrative functions. 

Regardless of what your role is in a school, be it principal, instructor, parent, employee, accountant, vehicle attendant, etc., the position-based access to Next Learning Platform helps you access the knowledge you need based on your classification. 

In addition, your purchases can now be made via the NLP app and are protected by your username and password anytime and anywhere.

Used for Quick and Effective Contact Between all Parties Concerned

Automated event-based warnings are sent to all interested parties to keep them updated. Memos can also be sent using Next ERP, a bulk SMS.

Have a Clear and Credible Fee Method

Simple setup of discounts, scholarships, or reminders to pay. Simple to pay online through a secure payment portal for parents.

Keep a 360-degree View of the Entire Student Profile

Full records of students compiled personal and academic reports, assessment reports, transfer certificates, etc. can all be stored securely.

You will be Supported in Course Preparation and Management of Resources

This platform helps teachers build curricula or use pre-existing curricula, i.e., the curricula of previous academic years. Resources may vary from audiovisual materials to simulations to text materials.

Students will Show Their Progress Reports and Their Results

Students will view their files on their NextLMS dashboard and can also see pending homework and assignments. 

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For students, the NLP app ends the quest for a digital companion to boost their learning ability. You would be shocked by the variety of items that NLP can help you with, from reading the materials that the teacher publishes after an informative lecture to testing yourself with an evaluation.