NAB Internet Banking – Discover the App for Online Banking!

NAB internet banking is the online banking service provided by National Australia Bank, one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia. With the internet banking service, account holders can perform a lot of banking operations without having to visit the bank. 

Using the NAB online banking, you can download summaries of your account balance, make online payments with ease to the eligible accounts, and even pay the bills with BPAY. The best thing about NAB internet banking is that you can even perform international payments and send money to over forty countries around the globe. 

Today, we are going to discover everything about NAB internet banking, including the benefits of using internet banking and the registration process for NAB internet banking.

Why Use Internet Banking?

The best answer to why you should use internet banking is you can easily complete your banking operations from anywhere and at any time. You can check the balance of your account and view your recent transaction history as well. Besides, if you do not recognize any transaction there is also the selection to get more information and report them as well. 

The users are also allowed to make quick payments and transfers to a PayID, domestic transfer, or any kind of international transfers as well. You can also activate your new credit or debit card or put it on hold if you misplace a card. 

With NAB internet banking, you can enjoy a safe and secure banking facility right on your fingertips. In addition, NAB defense helps the users to protect themselves against the fraud and errors that can occur while making online transactions.   

Internet Banking Fees

Internet Banking is a free-to-use digital banking platform for all customers of National Australia Bank. Most of the things that you can do with internet banking are absolutely free. Paying bills or transferring money to any other domestic accounts, costs absolutely nothing for customers.

However, certain types of transactions require some extra fees to be paid. For example internet money transfers via NAB internet banking (in foreign currencies) costs a AUD 10 transfer fee, Similarly, when you make the transfer of Australian Dollars it costs you AUD 30. 

For more details about the applicable charges and fees for the banking activities you perform, refer to this guide on personal banking fees

How to Register for Internet Banking

In simple words, NAB internet banking provides secure access to your NAB accounts via any computer, tablet, or mobile device that is connected to a secure internet connection. 

Registering for NAB internet banking is very easy and quick as well — it takes less than 5 minutes. You will need to enter your NAB identification number and then set up a unique password to activate the features.

For those new to the NAB online banking, the NAB ID is generally an 8-10 digit number printed in the back of your NAB card just above the magnetic strip. For business customers, the NAB ID is provided on the spot by either the Business Banker or over-the-counter at any NAB branch. To register, click the registration link here.

The NAB Mobile App

You can also get access to your NAB bank account through the NAB app available in the App Store on iOS platforms and the Google Play Store on Android platforms. With the NAB mobile app, you can manage and monitor your money securely, at the ease of your fingertips. 

To log in, tap the LOGIN button on the home screen to register. The registration process is very simple and easy, similar to registering for internet banking. You can select a password or a 4-digit passcode to secure your login. Also, if available on your device, you can use a fingerprint identity or even a Face ID to log in.

Besides the general functions of NAB internet banking, the NAB mobile app also features some handy features like the ability to find the nearest NAB branches or ATMs. You can also work out loan repayments, calculate foreign exchanges, and forecast savings. Similarly, if you are interested in the NAB home loan, you can get an estimated valuation for your property as well. 

The Bottom Line

With NAB internet banking, it has become very convenient for customers to enjoy easy and secure banking. On the other hand, the NAB mobile app is an award-winning app that gives you more control over your NAB account in your daily life. Once registered to the online banking platform, you can perform almost all of your banking transactions from anywhere and at any time.