How To Get an Online Data Entry Job?

Most businesses these days rely on logging in information for the success of their day-to-day operations. After all, despite the resurgence of technology and the boom of work-related outsourcing, there’s no denying that this field is essential for companies who need to record important information yet do not have enough time or manpower. This is where online data entry jobs come in.

Whether it’s for convenience or for safety, working remotely has become a lifestyle for countless individuals. Hired workers who contribute their skills in this field are often those who participate in the gig economy or who work part-time. An online data entry job falls within this niche. All of which involves logging in information, numbers, or content in a variety of document forms.

Love a good spreadsheet and think you’ve got what it takes to become successful in the field of data entry? Here’s a little background on what the job entails and how you can get into this line of work. Read on!

Online Data Entry Job

What is an Online Data Entry Job?

In a nutshell, this job involves keying in information in a variety of formats, such as Microsoft Word/Google Docs, spreadsheets/CSV's, tables, slides, presentations, data processing software, and many more.

Individuals who are hired to do these jobs normally work independently but are available for communication needs and concerns by his or her employer. Information that requires to be logged in often comes in audio or handwritten formats so verifying or editing information as you go may be essential.

Apart from being versed in dealing with a myriad of data processing software, such as Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and the like, you should have a laptop or a computer that’s up to your speed. Internet connection is also a must in order to access the company’s required software.

Employers working with online data entry professionals tend to pay by the hour or by piece. These encoders may also be paid per minute or work logged in. Online-based work such as this tends to garner less than office-based counterparts, with salaries ranging for as low as $1 to $15.64 depending on the arrangement.

Types of Online Data Entry Jobs

Some of the jobs that fall within this field include transcribers, word processors, coders, typists, and even clerks. Industries that tend to hire typists or clerks come from the medical field, administrative offices, retail and sales, accounting and finance, and many more.

Requirements and Application

Applying for data entry jobs can be done through online job sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder. You may also utilize freelancing-based platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

To jumpstart your application, you’ll need to build your profile on your chosen platform. To filter jobs within your area, you can simply input your desired employment or job type, the location, and even your experience level.

However, to stand out against other competitors and applicants in the field, most employers require you to be knowledgeable about different software programs and have relatively fast typing skills.

Besides these main requirements, you should also bear keen attention to detail. The good thing is that applicants don’t need a college degree to attain this job. A high school diploma or a GED is already enough to be considered for a position.


With these tips, you can now successfully get an online data entry job of your choosing. If you are ready to start your job search, make sure to use this article for reference.

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