Teach English At Home - How to Get a Job

Being a teacher is not easy at all. It is just as complicated as any other job, but it has a lot of specific difficulties. Being able to adapt yourself to every student you have can be overwhelming if you are not up for it. 

A teacher’s responsibilities involve a lot more than just sharing the information they possess. They have to act as guides and mentors for their students in order to help them learn.

Let’s have a look at how you can get a job teaching English from home. 

What Teaching English at Home Entails 

Teaching at home can be more difficult for some teachers, but it can take a lot of weight off of other teachers’ shoulders. What this type of teaching implies is being able to connect with your students without having a face-to-face advantage. Being able to reach your students through a screen can be quite tricky, but it can also make everything easier and much more fun.

You’ll need to find innovative ways of teaching whilst doing it online, since simply writing things on a chalkboard won’t cut it anymore. You’ll have to also use the advantage of the internet by using online content that helps your students become more interested and curious.

Basically, the job is quite different when taken into the online environment. It’s no longer about textbooks and homework. It’s about being able to communicate with your students and offer them new ways of studying and developing their skills.

Types of Jobs

When it comes to the online environment, jobs can be very different when you’re taking some personal needs into consideration. You can work full-time or part-time. Besides all that, you can work for more than one company, and you make your own schedule. It’s a great way of offering your skills and knowledge to the world, and it’s as simple as it can get.

Depending on your qualifications and desires, you can choose to teach English to different types of students. You can go for more mature students that need to learn the language for their jobs or daily lives, or you can even work with children. It all depends on what type of teacher you are.


Most companies require a minimum level of experience in the domain and a Bachelor’s Degree in English. If you have the necessary qualifications, all that’s left as a requirement is having a flexible schedule so you can always adapt. Of course, you will also need a good internet connection. 

The internet connection is very important, as it can greatly increase the quality of your services. 

Who’s Eligible? 

You can find out about your eligibility by looking at the necessary requirements for these types of jobs. It depends on each company. Although, if you have a Bachelor’s Degree and you feel that you can move your work to an online environment, that would make you eligible to apply for a job like this.

Average Salary and Rates 

The salary depends on the companies you work with and your experience. Usually, the salary offered for this job is between $14 and $30 an hour from US and UK-based companies. However, the salary could be much lower depending on the company you apply to.

Hourly rates are usually a lot lower in the Philippines or India when compared to the ones in the UK or US. It depends on what company you’re going to work with and the number of hours that you’ll put in.

Companies Who Hire Remote English Teachers 

Right now, there’s a large number of companies that are looking for remote English teachers, and they can all be found if you search thoroughly on the internet. We’ll put a link here with some of the offers at the moment – click here for more information. 

How to Apply

Applying is easy. After you’ve decided to apply for a company, you simply send them your CV and certificates. From there, you’ll be contacted to schedule an interview.


Teaching from home can be great, but it also requires some things from you. You’ll need to have a private spot in your home where you can work, and you also have to prepare a lot of quality content for your students, so get working!

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