Seagate joins iTunes competitor UltraViolet - movies in the cloud

While the internet grows and download speeds increase the popularity of online music and video grows too. One popular service to get your music and video from is Apple iTunes but there is also an alternative for non Apple users. Seagate announced that it has joined the organisation DECE that's behind an online service called UltraViolet which makes movies and TV shows available 'in the cloud'.

This way you can watch them everywhere and on every device. The service can also send you a disc if you purchase a digital download or if you decide to stream their content. And if you purchase a disc you will get access to the online version. UltraViolet also makes it possible to transfer the content to other devices and also allows offline viewing, even in HD.

The service is currently only available in the US, UK and Canada and backed by Hollywood studios like Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Paramount, BBC Worldwide, Lionsgate,  ISPs like Comcast, Cox and Rogers and large electronics companies like LG, IBM, Panasonic, Phililips Samsung and Sony and now also by HDD manufacturer Seagate.

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