Anonymous calls for a Sony protest, but is the event still on?

George Hotz and Sony have agreed to play nice.

Hotz agreed to a permanent injunction regarding his Sony device hacking, and the Japan-based company has agreed to drop its months-long legal pursuit of the NJ hacker’s work jailbreaking the PlayStation 3. But that doesn’t mean those annoyed or angered by how Sony handled the situation are willing to let bygones be bygones.

True to their motto, the secretive internet hacker collective Anonymous hasn’t forgiven or forgotten what Sony did. A protest/sit-in of Sony stores across the world was scheduled before the settlement, and the recent news isn’t changing anything it seems.

“Do you really own your own property?” asks Anonymous.

According to the groups’ OpSony Facebook page, a very public global Sony protest is scheduled for a full 24-hours — set to begin midnight on April 16th and wrap-up midnight the next day. The page also provides links to numerous Sony stores from the U.S. to Germany for easy information on the closest locations.

Citing myriad “injustices” committed against consumers – including the criminalization of homebrew installation and Sony’s aggressive discovery motions which sought personal information on those who had watched the how-to jailbreak your PS3 guide on YouTube or discussed it on Twitter – the group tells supporters that “it’s time to get pissed off not pissed on.”

So far over 2,500 people have stated that they will attend a sit-in near them.