Comcast rolls out online storage service

Comcast has introduced a new cloud-based service that allows subscribers to store pictures, movies, data and other information online.

The new Comcast Secure Backup & Share service is available with 50GB of storage space for $4.99 per month, or 200GB of storage for $9.99 per month.

Users can share select files with others over the Internet using a personalized Web address — along with e-invitations — that can be mailed out to select people only.  Ideally, Comcast subscribers will be able to share files and photos with one group of friends and family, while also sharing content with co-workers.

Images stored on Comcast Secure Backup & Share can also be shared through Flickr using custom software provided to each user.

I like how it’s being promoted as a consolidated method for users to keep track of all of the content they publish on social networking sites.

The new Comcast Secure Backup & Share service is available immediately to the company’s 16 million subscribers.

The popularity of cloud-based services continues to increase, but there are still significant security and reliability concerns.  Since Comcast is working with Mozy, an EMC Corp subsidiary, I believe they will be better suited to provide a reliable service than some alternatives that are currently available.

Comcast will have to compete against numerous online services ranging from Livedrive to Dropbox,  and must also deal with the Pogoplug and other solutions that allow consumers to make their own cloud.