New Memorex In-Ear headphones offer Comfort

Your on-the-go music enjoyment is not just based on sound quality, but also the comfort of listening to it. Aiming for the in your head music enjoyment during your afternoon jog? Memorex’s latest In-Ear headphones line is an option, with stylish colors to boot.

Memorex EC100 and Memorex WR100 Sport EarPhones
Both Memorex EC100 and Memorex WR100 Sport EarPhones are designed for those with active lifestyles. The sport earphones have form-fitting adjustable ear clips that will ensure a secure fit and reduce the stress on the ears. No more worries of having the earpieces falling off your ears while you’re jogging.

Although Memorex EC100 headphones are made of lightweight materials, they still provide a comfortable feeling for long lasting use. For outdoor addicts, Memorex WR100 combines a water-resistance feature with great sound quality. You can still experience ‘on the move’ luxurious sound even when you are sweating during workouts or exercising in the rain. Memorex EC100 and Memorex WR100 have the same suggested retail price of € 19.90.

Memorex WR 100 Headphone

Memorex CB25 EarBuds In-Ear Color and Memorex EB50 Metallic EarBuds In-Ear
Your musical experience should be stylish too. Memorex CB25 EarBuds In-Ear Color and Memorex EB50 Metallic EarBuds In-Ear allow you to play with your favorite colors. Forgetting comfort? No, because Memorex CB25 and Memorex EB50 earbuds come with 3 sets of silicone tips (S, M, L) to ensure a relaxed fit in your ears.

Memorex CB25 comes in orange, blue, green and black to perfectly match your iPod nano. Looking for a little touch of metallic? Memorex EB50 has 3 vibrant colours for you: blue, green and pink metal. The suggested retail prices for Memorex CB25 and EB50 are € 14.90 and € 9.90 accordingly.

CB25 Memorex Headphone

“At home, on your way to work or during exercise, all Memorex Audio Products are designed to get the most out of your iPod® or MP3-player. Intuitive and simple to use, but always with a touch of style” says Matthieu Valk, Marketing Communication Manager Imation Europe.