Roku adds $50 Roku LT and HBO Go

If you are looking for a Netflix streaming box and don’t have a lot of money to spend then you might just be in luck. Roku is adding another box to their lineup of affordable video streaming devices. The Roku LT will debut in early November and will only cost $50.

Roku is adding the LT to their current device lineup so the full suite of Roku 2 options will still be available. The LT doesn’t have Bluetooth or a SD card reader but if you only intent to use the box to stream Netflix, Hulu, or one of the many other channels this omission probably isn’t a big deal. If you desperately need either of those features the $59 Roku 2 HD includes both. The LT does have wireless built in and is limited to 720p but then again so is the Roku 2 HD. If you are in desperate need of 1080p video both the Roku 2 XD and XS models provide that feature for $79.99 and $99.99 respectively.

The Roku LT will go on sale in early November at, and at retail locations. It is worth noting that Roku does not often offer free shipping on their lower end models which could kick the price of this device up to about $60 if you decide to order direct from Roku. If you are an Amazon Prime member you’ll be able to snag this device at the $49.99 price point with no tax and the free two day shipping when it debuts in November.

What’s more exciting for many consumers is the addition of HBO Go to Roku devices. This channel will likely come preinstalled on the new LT model and require a simple software update for existing Roku users to get access. The HBO Go channel will still require that users have a HBO subscription through their TV provider of choice in order to access the content. HBO Go is still a really nice little addition to the Roku suite of channels and provides a compelling reason for almost anyone to pop one of these boxes next to their cable box. This channel will also launch sometime early next month.

Currently Apple TV does not offer access to HBO Go so the inclusion of this channel in the Roku box means Roku is capable of offering more features for almost half the cost if the user is not interested in streaming their own media to the TV using the device. In reality savvy consumers will be able to find Roku channels that allow streaming from PC (or Mac) to Roku.

Do you own one of these streaming devices in your home? Would you consider adding one at the $50 price point? Let us know how you feel about these devices in the comments.

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