21 Finreactor BitTorrent tracker admins fined $700,000

Womble used our news submit from all the way down under, to tell us that the long arm of the law
has reached into Finland and grabbed some more folks running BitTorrent trackers. Remember, these sites are not hosting files, they just host links! However, what separates them from Google and other type search services, is that they predominantly share illegal files…and the administrators of the site knew it. Interestingly, the investigation and subsequent court action, has resulted in a few underge persons being charged as adults! Once again, the news is found over at the TorrentFreak site. 

During three months in late 2004 29,625 terabytes of data were shared through the service, which is equal to 450,000 CD-Roms of data. The vast majority of the content shared was music, movies, software and games. The amount of data shared in these categories, calculated by usual file sizes, show that the users of the Finreactor downloaded nearly 16,000 games, 136,000 movies and 274,000 music albums from the service.

Four out of eight administrators of the Finnish BitTorrent tracker ‘Finreactor” have been declared guilty in court and have to pay damages totaling 60,000 dollars each.

The lawsuit against Finreactor has just come to a close (Finnish report). This is believed to
be only the first of many filed against the site. Three of the
four administrators found guilty are under the age of 18.
It is unclear how they are going to scrape together enough money to pay their fines.

Update: The IFPI just released a press-release which confirms that 21 admins were convicted. They have to pay compensation, damages and expenses of approximately $700,000 (in total) to the copyright holders.

21 operators of the Finreactor peer-to-peer-network were convicted yesterday by the district court of Turku in Finland. Finreactor was a BitTorrent network that had 10,000 registered users. Fourteen operators were convicted for copyright offenses and seven for aiding for copyright offenses. The operators were in charge of the technical operation of the system as well as the user control.

Source: TorrentFreak