A new product from HP: HD100 HD-DVD USB 2.0 Drive

Surfing on the web today, I found an interesting announcement about a new DVD-ROM drive from HP: HD100 HD-DVD USB 2.0 Drive.I tried to search for some details on HP's website, but there is no reference for this drive. The following should be the drive capabilities:

The HD DVD, DVD & CD read speeds top at 2.4x, 5x and 14x respectively. 1x in HD DVD denotes 4560KB/s transfer rate. Double-layer DVD from both camps seems to be supported, but HP has yet revealed their speeds. LightScribe is absent in this model. The self-powered HD100 comes with a copy of CyberLink PowerDVD HD DVD Edition.

This is only a reader, not a burner, but the interesting part is that this drive seems to announce that HP marks a shift of the company's support for the next HD media from Blu-ray to HD DVD. Is there something that end-consumers still don't know?

While waiting for something to be officially published on the HP website, those interested, can read the original article here.

Source: Everything USB

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