Are there good uses of DRM?

Waethorn wrote in with the following complete story via our news submit:

Take a look at this link.  Nettwerk, the label that has such Canadian musical stars such as Avril Lavigne in a partnership with Sympatico/MSN, is allowing a complete preview of her new album in full-fidelity before the debut on April 17th. By using DRM to block CD burning, they prevent abuse of this amazing and totally generous freebie preview of this relatively-new musical prodigy.

I submit the question: Is DRM really completely bad? Nettwerk has never really had a good relationship with the RIAA, and the music on their store,, is in DRM-free MP3 format and has been for awhile now (much longer than the "Big Four" that are only starting to realize that restricting purchases is bad).

So I submit this proposal: DRM has its uses.

Some things to note about the above that will likely bring some criticisms, so I’ll be the first to bring them up:

1) Avril Lavigne’s albums are being published by Sony/BMG
2) The links on the preview site are in Windows Media Audio format
3) The Sympatico/MSN Music Store heavily uses Windows Media DRM for downloads