Article Added: Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W)

If you have been following the war between +RW
and -RW formats, you probably have already read dozens of articles about the two
technologies. Are you satisfied with the accuracy of the information they
contained and with their timid conclusions? After all this reading, do you even
know what are the technical differences between a DVD+RW and a DVD-RW?

One of our editors has taken a different approach: he compared the two
formats based on raw technical details taken from the official + and –
specifications. This article explains the fundamental differences between the
two formats and compares various key features of the two technologies. And it
shows a clear winner on the technical battlefield :

During my study of rewritable DVD
formats it seemed very clear to me that DVD-R(W) standard was not as well
designed as DVD+R(W) (or even DVD-RAM). And although some serious efforts
have been put in the latest
revisions of the – format to fix some of
the original problems (at the cost of a much increased complexity), it
still remains technically inferior to +, due to some intrinsic weaknesses
(e.g. pre-pits).

In case you are interested in the reasons behind
this conclusion, then please read the
entire article and feel free to
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Source: CD Freaks