Bang and Olufsen Go MP3

CestLaVie used our newssubmit to tell us that Bang and Olufsen have developed their own MP3 player.

Bang and Olufsun is the first major electronic manufacturer with it's own MP3 player and the player supports all common functions.

Like all other players the BeoPlayer rips CDs, is CDDB-enabled, and creates playlists. What makes the BeoPlayer a little unusual is that the product takes the form of a toolbar that neatly hides away at the edge of your screen. Click on the B&O icon in the system tray and the toolbar appears on the right side of the screen, ready to play tunes on your drive or CD. Open the playlist, and a second bar appears on the left hand side of the screen with songs displayed vertically.

Some might find this system convenient, others might think it takes too much space on the desktop. It does make the BeoPlayer unique to MP3 players, though this type of toolbar system has been around for years, mostly seen in Internet news tickers and the like. Along with MP3, BeoPlayer supports the WMA, WAV, and ASF formats.

Source: MP3newswire

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