Blockbuster nationwide DVD and game trading program

BLOCKBUSTER(R) Rolls Out DVD and Game Trading Nationwide and
Guarantees Members Best Trade-In Prices
Monday October 25, 2:00 am ET 

Trading Now Available in Almost 3,000 BLOCKBUSTER Stores Across the
Country, Expanding to Nearly All U.S. Stores by Second Quarter 2005

DALLAS, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — With the national rollout of
its DVD and game trading program — featuring guaranteed best trade-in prices —
Blockbuster Inc. is offering members an opportunity to refresh and replenish
their DVD and game collections in an economical and fun way — by using what
they have to get more of what they want at Blockbuster. Consumers now have an
option to trade or exchange their used DVDs and games for in-store credit in
almost 3000 BLOCKBUSTER stores nationwide and hundreds more internationally. The
company expects to expand its trading program to nearly all U.S. stores by
mid-year 2005.

The national rollout of trading positions BLOCKBUSTER as the largest national
retailer to offer both DVD and game trading under one roof. The trading offer is
the latest in a series of strategic initiatives designed to transform
BLOCKBUSTER from a place where customers go to rent a movie to a brand that
rents, sells and trades movies and games, both in-store and online.

The trading process is easy. Members simply bring
in the titles they want to trade, no matter where they were purchased, and
receive valuable BLOCKBUSTER store credit that can be applied directly to the
customer’s account or put on a BLOCKBUSTER Value Card, which can be used at any
BLOCKBUSTER location. The credit can be used at any time for anything in the
store — movies, games and merchandise – new or used, rented or

“We plan to make BLOCKBUSTER the place to trade by
guaranteeing consumers the best trade-in prices for their used DVDs and games in
the marketplace,” said Nick Shepherd, executive vice president and chief
marketing and merchandising officer for Blockbuster. “As a concept, game trading
is fairly established; however, less than half of all gamers have ever traded
with a retail outlet, in large part because they are unhappy with the trading
prices offered. BLOCKBUSTER intends to remedy this by offering the best trade-in
prices for games anywhere. With this, we expect to quickly take game trading

“DVD trading, on the other hand, is a fairly new
idea, but we believe a strong demand will emerge as consumers learn that trading
is a smart, economical way to refresh their movie libraries and get value for
their collections. We’re already the nation’s largest retailer of used DVDs. We
believe we can become the largest source for traded movies as well, and as with
games, we are guaranteeing consumers the best trade-in prices for their

To underscore its “guaranteed best price” for
traded movies and games, Blockbuster offers customers a minimum of $5 store
credit for single DVDs and up to $35 for select movie box sets and hot game

In support of the national launch of trading and to
encourage activity prior to the holiday shopping season, BLOCKBUSTER is offering
a special minimum $8 trade-in value on all traded DVDs through Nov. 1.
Additionally, through Nov. 8, gamers will get an extra $5 on each game traded
when they bring in three or more PlayStation 2®, Gamecube(TM), Game Boy® or
Xbox(TM) games.

“We guarantee customers a great trade-in value
every day of the year, and our promotional offers make this an especially great
time to trade at Blockbuster. Members can stock up on trade-in credit throughout
the holiday season and beyond for anything in the store — it can be used to
rent or buy movies and games — or for any other merchandise in the store,”
added Shepherd.

Each week, BLOCKBUSTER will promote in-store the
hottest titles wanted for trade. For the month of October the “Most Wanted” list
of movies and games includes the best of the old and new with titles and
trade-in prices including:

     “The Sopranos – The Complete
First Season” (4
     “The Adventures of Indiana Jones” (4
     “Alias – The Complete First Season” (6
     “The Lion King, Special Platinum
      Collector’s Gift Set” (2

     “Mortal Kombat:
     “Star Wars
     “Mario Kart: Double
     “Need For Speed:
     “Pokemon Sapphire
     “ESPN: NFL

The trade-in offer depends on a range of
criteria including competitive pricing, demand for the titles and the condition
of the cover art.

About Blockbuster Inc.

Blockbuster Inc. is a leading global provider of
in-home movie and game entertainment, with nearly 9,000 stores throughout the
Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company may be accessed worldwide at

This news release contains forward-looking
statements relating to Blockbuster’s national rollout of DVD and games trading.
These statements include, without limitation, statements relating to
Blockbuster’s goals and expectations with respect to the growth,
competitiveness, pricing and marketing of its DVD and games trading offerings.
These statements also relate to the expected impact of Blockbuster’s DVD and
games trading offerings on its overall strategic initiatives. These
forward-looking statements are based on Blockbuster’s current intent,
expectations, estimates and projections and are not guarantees of future
performance. These statements involve risks, uncertainties, assumptions and
other factors that are difficult to predict and that could cause actual results
to vary materially from those expressed in or indicated by them. Factors
include, among others: (i) consumer demand for Blockbuster’s DVD and games
trading offerings and the related impact of competitor pricing and product and
service offerings; (ii) Blockbuster’s ability to effectively and successfully
expand the these offerings; (iii) Blockbuster’s ability to respond to changing
consumer preferences and to effectively adjust its DVD and games trading
programs if and as necessary; (iv) Blockbuster’s ability to implement and
maintain the information technology systems and infrastructure necessary to
support its DVD and games trading programs; and (v) other factors as described
in Blockbuster’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission including
the detailed factors discussed under the heading “Cautionary Statements” in
Blockbuster’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31,


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