CD Freaks is back

As frequent visitors know, this site is hard to get hosted. This means that we have to move the site now and then, since some companies think we damage them and try to get our site closed. Our current webhoster does allow our contents, but the company where he gets his bandwidth from doesn't. This is why you got a blank page, or a forbidden page. Now we are up again, we have to decide what we move to another server and what not. We are lucky to have loyal visitors and one of them has offered us place on his server ! So we will move parts to that. To prevent us from getting offline again, we would like some of our subsites to get hosted elsewhere, so it will be very hard to get us offline. Thanks to everyone who have mailed us for webspace, we really appreciate it ! If you have any professional space left (no free account, or on a home computer with cable connection) then please mail us at

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