CDFreaks presents: LaCie d2 DVD±RW DL external Firewire drive

Today, we are happy to provide you with a review of LaCie's newest external dual layer DVD drive with USB and Firewire. The drive we tested is the final product and is exactly what you would receive if ordered. The particular burner was scheduled to begin shipment in late June, so it is most likely out there right now. Here is a snippet from the review conclusion.

The main positive points:


First of all, this drive exhibits impressive writing quality. It supports dual layer writing, a new and exciting technology. (Just too bad that dual layer media is not available at reasonable prices yet; we guess it will be some months before dual layer media will be affordably priced). The drive is a good choice for those who are looking for an external drive that is easy to install and connect (USB 2.0 or FireWire). The drive is able to write to several types of 4x DVD media at 8x and don't forget the automatic bitsetting support using DVD+R9 DL media.




In addition, we would like at this time to
introduce everyone to our newest drive reviewer, Jan S.  He has run
the LaCie through a gamut of tests to provide us with some good information
about this drive. Welcome aboard Jan!

You can find the entire review here, please feel free to add your comments below or at the end of the article. We also would like to know if there is something we missed or that you all would like to see in these reviews for the future, it helps us to provide each other with the information we need to make good buying decisions. After all, knowledge is power.

Source: CD Freaks

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