Console wars: Nintendo GameCube will disappear in Belgium

There are a lot of rumours in the games industry and the latest rumour is that Nintendo’s GameCube will be the first victim of the ongoing ‘console wars’ between Nintendo (GameCube), Microsoft (X-Box) and Sony (PlayStation 2). According to Nintendo this is untrue and they’re even the only company making any profit on their consoles. But the people and shops selling the consoles tell a different story:

The Belgian toy store ‘Fun Belgium’ reports that of the three consoles (PS2, X-Box and GameCube) the Nintendo GameCube sells the worst. So bad even that the GameCube will be taken out the stores and will not be sold anymore. Luc Smets, head of the multimedia department at Fun Belgium; “The coming Christmas period may help the GameCube a little but the way things are going right now, I have little faith in the console.”

Another Belgian store, ExtraZone, shares the same opinion: “The PS2 is doing well followed by the X-Box which is gaining popularity. The last place is for the GameCube. Coming February we will evaluate the sales results. When they’re negative for the GameCube we will simply stop selling it completely.”

According to the companies, Nintendo has a negative image and they’re doing little to improve their image. Sony and Microsoft are placing demo versions of their consoles in the shops and make a lot of commercials on both television and radio. Nintendo does too little on these areas. Read the complete Belgian story here.

Source: Gazet van Antwerpen