Elantec introduces 20x CD-RW

Submitted by: Da_Taxman

Source: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/001117/ca_elantec.html

Innovation is always pushing the technological boundries forward, so has Elantec. Elantec introduces new High Speed laser driver in ultra thin package.

The EL6281C is a high-speed laser diode driver that provides the four current channels needed for the read, bias, erase, and write laser drive power levels. Built-in independent control of two frequency and two amplitude settings helps to reduce laser noise. The EL6281C also integrates the high frequency modulator (HFM) oscillator and the automatic power control (APC) amplifier for use with an external power monitor diode. This high level of integration saves cost by reducing component count and design time by reducing signal routing and space, thus enabling compact optical pick-up unit (OPU) design.

And before you know it you can burn CD-RW as if it were a hard drive…if that could only be true at this moment…that would really hurt the music industry