GameJackal: Can it help you play your games without the CD?

forum moderator Womble , takes a first look at the software GameJackal. This is a utility designed to help you play your games, while your valuable CD is kept in a safe place. It does this by helping you to create a profile for each game, so you can run it from your speedy hard drive disc. GameJackal also claims quick loading times as a side benefit. But, does it work? Does it perform as advertised? What about copy protections, will those games still run? That’s what Womble want’s to find out. So he has taken the program and put it through the paces for us with a variety of different games.

GameJackal is a product that has been designed to remove the need of having to always use your CD to play your games. I can here the cry going up “Have you never heard of Virtual Drives”. Well yes I have. The difference here though is about 700mb of disk space. GameJackal make a small profile, as small as 30kb up to 40mb which it uses to run the game instead of using the entire image like a virtual drive does.

That’s the theory at least. Let’s see how it performs.

Head on over to our Copy Protection Discussion Forum and take a look at the step by step article, complete with screenshots. Please feel free to add your comments here or in the thread Womble has started. If you would like to try out the GameJackal software, here is a link to the site. Thanks Womble , for the great review! This is a very interesting software that is definately worth taking a look at.

Source: CD Freaks