Hackers Crash Satirical Website

Think some one tought it wasnt funny..

Labour party activists are suspected of 'hacking' a political satire website which has been poking fun at the government.

The site crashed after it mysteriously began receiving 600 'hits' a second.

Chris Quigley, 22, runs www.spinon.co.uk, which features games like 'Egg Prescott' and articles such as a spoof memo from spin doctor Alastair Campbell claiming the Prescott punch-up had been planned.

Chris, of Clifton, Bristol, said: 'The system just couldn't cope and it completely crashed.

'It seems like a strange coincidence, but I think we can find out who did it and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was Labour activists.

'We are not party political, but because the mainstream press has been supporting Labour we have been targetting them to keep things interesting.'

The site has been receiving around 10,000 hits a day for the last week since the launch of a game called 'Egg Presscott' in the wake of the Deputy Prime Minister landing a punch on a protestor.

Source: Antionline

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