Imation announces new business select optical media

Imation Corp., a worldwide leader in removable data storage media, today introduced Business Select(TM), a premier optical media specifically designed for the business environment. This high-quality series of media includes a full portfolio of recordable and rewritable CD and DVD products that incorporate advanced technology to deliver high-capacity storage media with unsurpassed performance and reliability for the data-intensive business professional.

“Whether it’s a home office, small company, or large organization, today’s business environment is increasingly dependent on managing digital content. Everything from business plans, annual reports, marketing plans, client files, and e-mail correspondences are being created, shared and archived electronically,” said Dave Ferraresi, vice president and general manager, Imation’s Personal Storage Media business. “And the need for that digital content to be protected and secure for years to come is critical to the long- term success of a business. This is what we had in mind as we developed our Business Select media.”

Advanced Technology, Increased Reliability

Imation Business Select optical media features advanced and innovative technologies to help ensure superior data security and longevity for the data- intensive business environment, including:

  • The scratch-resistant surface of Imation Business Select CD-R media helps ensure maximum durability and longevity of data;
  • Imation Business Select write-once DVD discs (DVD-R/+R) feature an enhanced dye layer that is optimized to be more stable than most recording dyes — contributing to lower error rates, longer storage life, and high resistance to ultraviolet light;
  • “Imation-Certified” seal means that the Business Select media is tested against Imation’s stringent error rate and specification standards; and
  • Imation’s world-class specification standards also guarantee its Business Select media has been manufactured to safeguard information from harsh environmental elements.

“Imation has been delivering storage solutions to businesses for more than 50 years — since we introduced the industry’s first removable data storage media,” added Ferraresi. “This level of commitment, combined with more than 20 years of dedicated optical media leadership, has allowed us to stay at the forefront of business storage requirements for long-term data integrity, quality and security. And Imation Business Select media delivers the next solution for companies looking for premium, high-quality data storage.”

Imation’s write-once Business Select CD-R discs store data swiftly and permanently with write speeds up to 48X, feature a storage capacity of 700MB/80 min, and are available in three package configurations, including a 10-pack in standard jewels, 20-pack in slim line jewel cases, or 50-pack spindle.

Developed for repeat performance, Imation Business Select CD-RW discs are a rewritable alternative to CD-R discs for business professionals whose workflow requires the manipulation and editing of large capacity files. With the capability to be rewritten up to 1,000 times, Business Select CD-RWs feature noise-free playback, a storage capacity up to 700MB/80 min., and recording speeds up to 4X. Available in two package configurations: a 10-pack with standard jewel cases, or as a 15-pack spindle.

With the storage capacity of seven CDs, Business Select DVD media is available in both write-once and rewritable formats in capacities up to 4.7GB, including DVD-R/+R and DVD+RW. Each format is available in a 10-pack with professional video cases that feature a customizable and imprintable front panel and unique pop-out release mechanism.

Imation Business Select CDs and DVDs are ideal for high-capacity applications, such as PC and network backups, archiving, file sharing and duplication. These cost-effective discs have a high-quality gold surface that presents the digital content in a visually pleasing style for customer or client files.

For additional customer support, Imation has established a toll-free information line dedicated solely to its Business Select series of media. Imation Business Select CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and DVD-R media is currently available at CDW Computer Center, MicroWarehouse, Global and Dartek, and will be available at additional select outlets in early June 2003. Imation Business Select DVD-RW media will be available in the second half of 2003. For more information, visit , or call Imation’s toll- free Business Select customer information line at 1-866-312-7787.

Fifty Years of Manufacturing Excellence

From its origins as 3M’s Data Storage Division to today, Imation has been a worldwide leader in removable data storage for more than 50 years, since the introduction of the first removable data storage media in 1953. Since Imation’s start in 1996, the company has invested more than $ 500 million in research and development and capital in its data storage removable media business to strengthen its core manufacturing and technology capabilities in optical and magnetic media. These investments, combined with Imation’s strong partner relationships, keep Imation at the forefront of developing higher capacity and higher performance storage media.

About Imation

Imation Corp. is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of magnetic and optical removable data storage media. With one of the broadest product lines in the industry-spanning from a few megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes of capacity in each piece of media, Imation serves customers in more than 60 countries, in both business and consumer markets. From large data centers to distributed networks, Imation’s tape cartridges are used in data processing, security, business continuity, backup and archiving applications. Customer needs for reliability, convenience and portability to store and manage business data, photos, video, images and music on professional and home desktops and increasingly in consumer electronics devices drive demand for Imation’s optical and diskette products. With more than 300 technology scientists and more than 300 data storage patents in the U.S. alone, Imation continues to pioneer today’s proven magnetic and optical media technologies.

Source: Yahoo! Finance