Intervideo DVD Copy, new software to create DVD backups

Now also Intervideo, best known from their
WinDVD player software, has introduced a DVD backup application. The software
called DVD Copy,
not to be mixed up with DVDxCopy, is able to create backups of non CSS protects discs
(Just like e.g Pinnacle Instant Copy). The software can create DVD, VCD, SVCD
and Divx movies with a few clicks. The software features both a transcoding as a
burning engine.

The company says their software is up to 45% faster then
their competitors and also claims to have the following features that should
differentiate it from its competitors.

  • The
    ability to copy DVD movies from multiple folders on the hard drive. Most
    competitors only support one VIDEO_TS folder loading, but with DVD Copy,
    users can load as many as they can fit onto a disc.

  • Support for the DivX® format which enable
    users to fit a DVD onto a single, 700MB CD.

  • InterVideo’s superior codec with a proven
    track record for delivering true, quality copies. With DVD Copy, users can
    copy their DVDs, VCDs and SVCDs without transcoding, so there is no loss
    of quality. The powerful codec also enables users to create copies of
    dual-layer DVD-Videos onto two blank DVDs without losing any of the
    content or video quality.

  • Equipped with InterVideo’s revolutionary
    UniPass(TM) technology, DVD Copy records in a single pass, rather than
    making the user wait while the video is buffered on the hard drive before

  • Of course the software is able to create backups of CSS
    protected movies. You will need to read the movie with DVDDecrypter and once the
    movie is on the disc you can let DVD Copy do the rest. If you would like to
    learn more about this, then visit our Reading and Playing Forum and our Transcoding Software Forum. The software will be available for about $