MP3 encoder LAME 3.95.1 has reached a stable release

theEye and d42 both used our news submit to tell us that LAME has reached its stable release of version 3.95.1.  Despite the constant push for new high quality audio codec’s aiming to be next MP3 replacement, that has not put a stop on the continuous work involved in the LAME project. The LAME project has been in development since 1999 with alpha releases almost every day. The current version of LAME has now reached a stable release at version 3.51.1 with LAME being claimed to be the best quality MP3 encoder available and is used in tests when MP3 is compared with other audio codec’s.

Changelog for LAME 3.95:


  • red = features and bug fixes which affect quality
  • blue = features and bug fixes which affect speed
  • black = usability, portability, other

LAME 3.95.1    January 12 2004

  • Gabriel Bouvigne:
    • fixed a crash when using vbr-new
    • changed ReplayGain reference level to 89dB

LAME 3.95    January 11 2004

  • Gabriel Bouvigne:
    • fixed lowpass values when using vbr with mono files
    • faster quantization loops
    • faster count_bits
    • fixed a buffer requirement error in ACM codec
  • Takehiro TOMINAGA:
    • fixed mpglib and other decoding support code to prevent the crash when invalid mp3 input
  • removed Layer I decoding support
  • use FastLog and IEEE 754 hack on PowerPC too (approx. 10 percent faster)

It is nice to see development still going in trying to improve the LAME MP3 encoder for several reasons. Nearly every solid state and hard drive based digital audio player sold supports the MP3 codec. MP3 is still the world’s most popular audio codec. Finally, MP3 does not have any controversial built-in Digital Rights Management technology that can result in songs being unplayable outside the consumer’s equipment or being revoked should they make it on a P2P network. I have spoken to a few users having WMA tracks they downloaded become revoked while playing the tracks in Windows Media Player and then connected to the Internet.

Feel free to discuss and read more about MP3, audio codecs and audio encoding software on our Audio Forum.  All the latest releases including alpha and beta
versions can be downloaded here.

Source: The LAME Project