Maxell to transfer DVD media production overseas

koba used our news submit to tell us: “Well here we go again….. what happened to the CD-R is starting to happen with DVD blanks too. Now it will be just a matter of time till the only MIJ discs will be Taiyo Yuden as with the CD-Rs. The press release does not mention at which maker the new discs will be produced.”

This Press release is in PDF and in Japanese. Here is some of the press release translated:

Maxell today (16.October) anounced that they will by Spring of next year shift production of their own Maxell media to overseas manufacturers. They will move most of their prodution line to their partner companies and produce under a ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) contract.

The discs then will be made with Maxells Production Line, Production Process and Quality Control. The factory in Japan will concentrate on next gen blue-laser discs, DVD+/-RW and front edge DVD+/-R development and production. With this sturucture change Maxell wants to achieve a good balance between own made , ODM made and and outsourced made Discs as well as improve management efficiency.

Thanks for the information and the translation koba! For those that can read this language, here is a link to the press release.

Source: Maxell