McVeigh Video Eludes Hackers

Maby one day the execution pops up on the net we never know….

After a four-minute glitch preparing the video link between Indiana and Oklahoma, the families of the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing viewed an encrypted signal of Timothy McVeigh’s execution Monday morning.

The FBI said it had no reports of attempts to pirate the signal. As of Monday afternoon, hacker groups and several online militia Web sites were silent on the execution.

If you hack it and store that feed, you don’t have to do it right away. You could do it in a week, a month, a year, or 10 years. In 10 years, who knows what the force of the attacks might be,” said Mark Rasch, a former Justice Department computer crimes prosecutor.`It would be difficult, but not impossible

McVeigh was convicted of the April 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City that left 168 people dead, including 19 children. He was put to death by lethal injection.

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Source: AntiOnline