Ministry protects students from mp3 raid…

The mp3 raid in taiwan (which we reported about saturday) has its first official victims. The Ministry are now protecting the students legal rights. Well that is about time.

The copyright watchdogs have stood down in Taiwan, as government officials weighed in behind the students whose rooms were searched and computers confiscated in the name of intellectual property during the recent MP3 copyright raid on National Chengkung University (NCKU).

The first shot across the bow came from Education Minister Ovid Tzeng, who sent out an open letter addressing students and promising that the Ministry would defend their rights.

“I will absolutely fight for the rights of students regarding the incident of the police searching the Chengkung student dorm,” the Taipei Times quotes him as saying. “I will ask attorneys to help the students settle any legal disputes stemming from this incident.”

Justice department however says the that the search and seizure of mp3 files was legal but violated internal protocol. Well that’s a start. My opinion is that the raid was absolutely ridiculous.

Also the IFPI first said that they were behind the controversial police action. But since the authorities are into this matter they deny everything, they deny that it inspired the authorities to act against the students. Yea right. They also removed everything about the raid from their homepage….

Source: TheRegister