Nero update available

Submitted by: ploegske


Changes from to

new recorders: Actima ARW8432E, ARW8432P. BTC IDE8x4x40, BCE840IE, IDE8432, BCE833IE, Creative CD-RW RW8435E. Delta CQ8040A, RW880, Lite-On LTR-1240B, Plextor CD-R PX-W1210A, Ricoh CD-R/RW MP7063A, Samsung CD-R/RW SW-208B.

Supporting additional USB drives under Windows 2000

Improved data transfer speed under Windows 2000

bugfix: ISO Property pages shows correct size of ISO multisession compilations

bugfix: Corrected write speed selection for high speed recorders and 2x write speed selection for some older recorders

Fixed problem of creating audio CDs in DAO with some Mitsumi recorders (audio tracks contained noise)

Fixed problem writing ISO/UDF Mode 2 bridge CDs in DAO mode

Fixed problem writing Mixed Mode CDs, in case CD-ROM drive is used as source for audio tracks