Nero Linux has been released today

Our NeroLinux moderator mathf just posted the following announcement.

For all of you Linux lovers, the new update of Nero Linux 3 is available here, one day before Valentine’s day . We fixed lots (really lots) of problems/bugs/misbehaviour for this release, so this is also an explanation why you have had to wait so long for the next demo version.

We first worked a lot on our GUI, in order to have the full support for the Asus Eee PC screen resolution. As a result, the application adapt all its dialog boxes to the current screen resolution at runtime.

After that, we updated the internal NeroAPI used with Nero Linux. This means improved support for newer drives (BD, HD DVD, S-ATA based…), a brand new ASPI, that deals with HAL for locking/unlocking devices and major improvements with hotplug of devices.

Last but not least, we fixed our Audio CD engine. All the problems that has been reported here are now fully fixed, and all the others that our QA found in the meantime.

As usual, after downloading it, feel free to discuss about the new version in the dedicated thread in our forum (in which a more detailed changelog of the new version is available).