Nero v5.5.2.4

Allthough Ahead didn’t update their webpage yet, at the Ahead FTP Server, a new Nero version can be found.

The new Nero 5.5.x.x releases have caused quite some trouble in CDRLand, because of the many bugs… Let’s hope this release solves a couple more…

Download Mirrors:

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Mirror 4

I saw the update info at CDR-Info so I did some copying and pasting

Update info:
– Some versions of Nero were disabling the lower filter driver of Veritas and Padus Recording Software under Win2k
– Nero will now detect if some VCDMenu texts had to be clipped and will display a warning message
– Recorder could not be selected for several brands
– The property dialog for audio tracks was not displaying the actual parameters of the audio file. CD quality was always shown regardless of the track

Source: Ahead’s FTP server